Loki continues one of his oldest traditions in season 2 preview

Loki is known for falling into the MCU, and in Disney+'s "Streaming 2023" trailer, he continues one of his oldest yet hilarious traditions.

At the end of Disney+'s "Streaming 2023" preview, the God of Mischief seemed to continue one of his oldest traditions in a Rocky Season 2 segment. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many characters are known for adding humor to their scenes, such as Tony Stark's simple one-liners or Yelena Belova poking fun at her sister Natasha's stance during a fight. Bringing humor into Marvel's content is good for both the studio and the audience, as it helps take the tension out of serious moments and makes the characters in the MCU feel real and multidimensional.

Loki is a good example of a humorous character. In the first season, he was a joker, always trying to steal the limelight while playing on the mean behavior of his unlikely partner, Agent Morbius. Loki season 2 will explore more of their partnership, and while there's no doubt the god of mischief loves to make everyone aware of his lofty status and multiple titles, there's one more interesting trait to his personality.

Loki Is Once Again Dramatically Falling In Loki Season 2

So far in the MCU, Loki has had two notable falls. one of them is At the end of Marvel's Thor, he apparently died in a battle with Thor on the Rainbow Bridge. The fall brought a sombre air to their battle, and Loki willingly let go of Thor's hand and plunged into the dark depths of outer space. Another of Loki's stumbles -- this time with a more humorous feel -- occurred during a scene in Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok, where the wizard traps Loki in a portal loop.

While Disney+'s "Streaming in 2023" trailer only shows brief footage from season 2 of the MCU's Loki, one of which shows Loki falling again. The falling clip occurs at the very end of the reel, shown at the 0:28 second mark. It seems like even Marvel thinks Loki's fall is a hilarious but unfortunate event, one in which the god of mischief always seems to find himself. This time, however, Loki appears to have fallen from a strange building in the TVA or somewhere in some kind of strange city.

What The Disney+ "Streaming in 2023" Preview Reveals About Loki Season 2

While exciting, the Disney+ "Streaming 2023" trailer only reveals a fraction of each show expected to launch on the streaming service next year. Not much was revealed about Loki season 2 or Sylvie's time crime at the end of season 1, but viewers did get to see a quick shot of Sylvie at the 0:01 second mark. Unless this is a hallucination or a flashback, she seems to have managed to escape the ruined castle located at the Castle at the End of Time. Sylvie is shown to possibly be on Earth, sitting on a record store couch with a pair of headphones on.

Morbius and Loki are back together, and Loki appears to be using his copying illusion again. TVA seems to still exist. When seeing Loki fall and when he appears in certain rooms in the short, the buildings around Loki fit very well with the TVA's design in Rocky season 1. While most of Loki's season 2 adventures remain a mystery, Sylvie's quick shot of Loki and Mobius in store after an excellent season 1 is still exciting.

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