Knives Out Crossover could salvage a major Muppet failure

People are clamoring for a crossover between The Muppets and Wilderness Action, and it could actually fix one of the Muppets' biggest cinematic mistakes.

Fans have been begging for a crossover between Knockout and The Muppets since the release of Glass Onion: Knockout Mystery, which would actually fix one of the biggest Muppet failures. The idea of ​​Knives Out 3 featuring the Muppets has become a meme on social media, and the requests have become so numerous that Glass Onion director Rian Johnson has even addressed them. While there's little hope, a crossover between Knives Out and The Muppets could really work, while salvaging one of the worst Muppet movies ever made.

The Knockout series follows the world's greatest detective, lovable Southern detective Benoit Blanc, as he solves classic and compelling murder mysteries. In Operation Wilderness, Blanc solves the murder of wealthy novelist Harlan Thrombey, while in Glass Onion, Blanc begins investigating another murder when real bodies begin to descend at a murder mystery party. In each film, Benoit Blanc has been surrounded by a cast of colorful and eccentric characters, leading some viewers to ask for the oddest character in Revenge 3: the Muppets. While a Muppet murder mystery sounds novel, it's actually been done before.

How A Knives Out & Muppets Crossover Could Fix The Happytime Murders

Although the Happytime Murders were unsuccessful, the Muppets-centric Murder mysteries can -- and the crossover with Operation Wilderness proves it. The worst part about The Happytime Murders is its edgy humor and gritty story, not that it's puppets dealing with murder. For The Muppets, it's more effective to have a lighter mystery story aimed at general audiences than a poorly rated Happytime Murders. Knives Out already fits into both categories. Muppets Most Wanted already had a similar tone to Knives Out, proving that a crossover could work, which would finally fix the mess The Happytime Murders created.

"Happytime Murders" is an original R-rated adult comedy about Melissa McCarthy teaming up with puppet detectives to solve a series of murders. However, the coming-of-age comedy, which featured mature topics like drugs and sex, as well as playful puppets, was a poor hit. "The Happytime Murders" was a critical flop that was quickly forgotten after its release. The movie was the product of an offshoot initiative from The Jim Henson Company, and a Knives Out crossover might be more palatable.

Will A Crossover Between Knives Out & The Muppets Actually Happen?

Knives Out creator Rian Johnson recently spoke after seeing the Muppets Lots of demand on Twitter. Sadly, Johnson mostly shot down the idea, saying, "You could make a Benoit Blanc suspense movie with the Muppets and they'd feel out of place. Or you could make a Benoit Blanc movie with the Muppets , but it'll feel like a Muppet movie." However, the director prefers to do the crossover in the form of a holiday special, which means that if anything happens, it's probably for the best.

A crossover with Knives Out is actually not too farfetched for The Muppets. Since The Muppet Show, Kermit and his gang have crossed paths with various real-life celebrities and popular characters, which means it could happen again. If a crossover between Knives Out and The Muppets materializes, it promises to be even better than The Happytime Murders.

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