Kim Kardashian mocked for claiming she has healthy hair

Kim Kardashian fans have mocked the reality star's claims that her natural hair is actually healthy despite regularly bleaching it blonde.

Kim Kardashian fans are making fun of the Kardashian star, saying her bleached hair is super healthy. Kim will remain bleach-blond for most of 2022. The star first changed colors for the 2022 Met Gala, wearing Marilyn Monroe's 1962 Happy Birthday presidential gown. Kim caused a lot of controversy in the dress, but fans also didn't like her hair choice, thinking she should have done something more elegant. Kim loved it anyway, and continued to bleach her hair blonde until the end of the year when she dyed it a darker shade of blonde before returning to her signature brunette at the Kardashians' Christmas Eve party.

Kim claims her hair is still perfectly healthy despite bleaching, but Kardashian fans think she's lying. TikTok user @cleangirlhacks shared a video of Kim discussing how she kept her hair so healthy posthumously and styled it all the time, and fans couldn't believe a word she said. "Kimberly, we see your real hair," one fan commented, while another pointed out that in a recent TikTok post by her daughter North West, Kimberly's hair looked very unhealthy. one Fan also joked, "How does it feel like her hairstylist pointed a gun at her?!" Other fans admitted that they didn't believe anything Kim said.

Kim Was Accused Of Being A Habitual Liar

Most recently, Kim was accused of habitual lying for a series of statements she made on a podcast. The Kardashians are known for controlling the narrative and making their lives look perfect. They regularly Photoshop their Instagram pics to make their skin look flawless and smooth for a flawless complexion. Fans had a hard time believing what Kim told them because she had been lied to so many times. In North's recent TikTok, fans thought Kim's hair looked significantly different from what she had on her social media accounts, proving yet again why they didn't trust her.

No matter how much money someone has or how good their professional glam team is, no one's hair will stay healthy if they keep bleaching. Kim can try all she wants, but fans aren't overwhelmed by her assertion. While anyone can restore their hair to healthy levels, it takes a lot of work, and the methods Kim lays out on TikTok aren't enough. After all the lies she's been telling lately, she's going to Had to go the extra mile to get fans to start believing everything she said.

Kim could also try telling the truth more often. Her fans will thank her for not trying to scam them all the time. However, it's unlikely she'll stop trying to make herself and her life look perfect anytime soon. The Kardashians star is clearly obsessed with perfection, and she doesn't care if her fans laugh at her all day long. While acknowledging the truth won’t be on Kim’s list of New Year’s resolutions, reining in the videos and pictures she posts about her North on TikTok certainly will.

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