Key Characters: 10 best player characters, ranked by strength

From the legend of Vox Machina to the exploits of Mighty Nein, these are the 10 most powerful player characters in Critical Role.

Critical Role has grown into a sprawling franchise thanks to the team's hard work in creating an amazing story through role-playing and well-rounded characters. Two completed campaigns and a third currently in progress serve as a compelling cast of player characters, each with their own set of powers and abilities.

But like all works of fiction, some characters are more powerful than others, which in this case means the statistical strength of the Dungeons and Dragons characters. Many player characters easily outperform each other, no matter which party they come from, and these 10 characters are among the strongest in Critical Role's multiple campaigns.


Vox Machina's deadly rogue, played by Liam O'Brien, is agile in combat, armed with great strength and weapons, and can assassinate anyone he meets. While Vax has some spells to help him, most of his power comes from his combat skills and his large collection of daggers, each with its own damage type.

As a rogue, his main goal is to deal high damage quickly, making him ideal for finishing fights quickly. His power grew even further after his death and as The undead serve the Raven Queen, which allows him to be resurrected within 24 hours of death, basically making him nearly immortal.

Caduceus Clay

Taliesin Jaffe's second character in Mighty Nein, Caduceus Clay, brings a lot of powerful magic to the second campaign, and is especially useful against some of the best villains in Critical Role.

As a cleric, Caduceus has dozens of spells at his disposal to prepare and call upon in the heat of battle. While many of these spells aren't strictly combat spells, many of his cantrip and domain spells make up for it. While Caduceus may not have as much health as some of the more powerful members of Mighty Nein, such as Fjord, he has enough healing power to keep himself and his allies in battle longer, not to mention a very tough armor Levels get through.


Travis Willingham's Warlock/Paladin, Fjord, is always ready for some of the best fights in the series, and he's often able to come out on top.

Fjord's ridiculous health aside, his spells have done a lot of Wreak havoc on Mighty Nein's enemies. Although he briefly lost his warlock powers after cutting ties with his patron Uk'otoa, he soon regained them after accepting a new patron. As a half-orc, Fjord also gains additional abilities that keep him from being knocked down for longer and help him deal more damage, making him one of the strongest members of Nein.

Yasha Nydoorin

When it comes to crazy psychotic episodes, no one at the Mighty Nein party has a better fix than Ashley Johnson's Yasha Nydoorin.

Since she is part of the Barbarian class, Yaksha possesses several feats and abilities that allow her to go further berserk and deal more damage to her enemies than ever before. As an aismar, Yasha is also resistant to necrotic damage. Combined with her high health, this makes Yasha an extremely dangerous foe, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage faster and easier than most other player characters in Critical Role history.

Scanlan Shorthalt

The Bard are not generally known for being powerful, but Sam Riegel's Scanlan Shorthalt, with a plethora of spells at his disposal, certainly gives the Bard class something worthwhile. something to think about.

By the time he reaches level 20, Scanlan has amassed a vast amount of spells and can know 24 of them at once, including two ninth-level spells that greatly aid him in the Vox Machina's conflict with Vecna. He's been able to use all those spells to take out dozens of enemies and launch one-man attacks on buildings and live to tell the story. He may act like a dork and a jokester, but when the party needs him most, Scanlan saves the day with his music and magical charm.

Caleb Widogast

Despite his ill health, Caleb Widogast, played by Liam O'Brien, has one of the strongest character builds of any key role, which makes He became one of the most powerful members of the Mighty Nein.

Yes, his low health does mean he goes down easily in combat, but he can do a ridiculous amount of spell damage and fire damage before that. He's easily one of the most powerful spellcasters in Mighty Nein, with dozens of spells at his disposal. His trauma has haunted him throughout the campaign, which may hold him back a bit. but when his Unleashed at full force, nothing could stop this powerful wizard from burning everything to ashes.

Pike Trickfoot

Clearly one of the best player characters in the series, Pike Trickford, played by Ashley Johnson, is powered by Everlight, gaining enormous power at her fingertips to assist the Vox Machina.

Thanks to Everglow, Pyke is endowed with divine powers, making her the perfect warrior for fighting undead enemies, such as those summoned by Briarwood. She is also responsible for the many resurrections that need to be performed on her friends during the Vox Machina event. Pike has helped hold the team together on multiple occasions, and without her healing powers and magical prowess, they would have died forever.

Grog Strongjaw

He may not be the smartest member of the Vox Machina, but Travis Willingham's Grog Strongjaw is certainly the strongest in terms of raw strength.

Grog is just a berserk tank full of death and destruction. With nearly 300 health points, he can take more hits and return more damage to his attackers than any other member of the Vox Machina. Many of his attacks can be boosted to insane levels with abilities Like Fury, his inhuman level of strength helped the party more than once. The only thing holding this behemoth back is his lack of intelligence. Luckily for him, he doesn't need it as long as he has a lot of enemies to kill.

Jester Lavorre

Laura Bailey's Jester Lavorre may seem innocent, but she's actually one of Mighty Nein's heaviest hitters.

When the pinch hits, the Joker can unleash a barrage of powerful spells like Firestorm and Control the Weather to defeat her foes, or simply use group healing to help her friends regain their strength for the next fight. In fact, Jester's magic and abilities were the key to her team's victory in the Vox Machina vs Mighty Nein singles match. Combined with her psychic weapons and her insatiable desire, Jester is one of the most memorable and powerful characters in Campaign 2.


Handily topping everyone in Critical Role is Keyleth, a half-elven druid member of the Vox Machine played by Marisha Ray. Upon closer inspection, her strength is jaw-dropping. She has access to more spells than anyone else, many of which, like Tsunami, are literally god-like in nature.

Her powers will only get better as she becomes more confident and completes her aramenté. As she proved time and time again during her adventures on the Vox Machina, she can turn the tide of battle in an instant, even killing or defeating powerful foes like Raishan and Sylas Briarwood. Many Critical Role fans have come to the conclusion that Keyleth is the most powerful in Vox Machina, and indeed in the series as a whole.

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