John Wick 4 Has Already Hinted at Major Winston Twist

Surprisingly, Winston seems to be John's ally in John Wick: Chapter 4, and John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum has already indicated Winston's intentions.

John Wick seems to have hinted at this happening by teaming up with Winston in John Wick: Chapter 4 and John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. Since avenging the killing of his dog in the first John Wick, the legendary Baba Yaga has embarked on an increasingly desperate war to rid himself of the assassin and return to his old life. Everything will come to a head as John (Keanu Reeves) and the King of Bowery (Laurence Fishburne) take on the forces of the High Table in John Wick 4.

John and the Bowery first come to an agreement at the end of Wick 3, after John's old friend Winston (Ian McShane) appears to try to kill John to keep the support of the Elders and the High Table, although John ultimately survives down. John Wick 3 ends on such a cliffhanger that the idea of ​​John seeing Winston as any kind of ally in John Wick 4 seems far-fetched at best. However, the foundation of the teamwork they teased in the John Wick 4 trailer is firmly established.

Winston Did Not Kill John in John Wick 3 (But Could Have)

In John Wick 3, the arbiter of the High Table (Asia Kate Dillon) agrees Make peace with Winston and the Continent, but ask what John himself will do by order of the High Table after refusing to kill Winston. After a moment of hesitation, Winston said, "Oh, he has to die" before shooting John in the torso, causing him to fall from the roof. However, Winston chooses to shoot John while wearing an armored torso, leading to a theory that Winston didn't actually intend to kill John.

If Winston wanted to make sure John was eliminated, he could have easily shot him in the head. Admittedly, Winston's strategy seems very much like that of the Hail Mary. He can't be sure that John survived the fall, but it's also possible that John and Winston worked out the strategy together off-screen. Regardless, the possibility of John surviving remains open, suggesting that Winston's goal is to keep John alive.

Why Winston Might Be Joining Forces With John

Since John and Winston are longtime friends, the latter may have been secretly manipulating to assist John in the High Table battle with King Bowery. Winston has previously expressed admiration for John for establishing a normal life after His initial retirement. He was also able to convince John to join forces against the High Table after John was sent to kill Winston.

Seeing how much pain John went through after his wife's death, Winston may have secretly been John's greatest ally in trying to regain his freedom. If that's their shared goal, it would make more sense for Winston to cover his tracks by faking an attempt to kill John. The direction Winston provides in the John Wick 4 trailer also suggests that he plays a major role in the escape routes John may have. John and Winston seem to be on the same page in John Wick: Chapter 4, and they may even continue their alliance in the spin-off Ballerina (which could take John Wick 5's place). wick story

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