James Gunn and the Marvel creative team wish Jeremy Renner a speedy recovery

James Gunn and other Marvel creatives wish Jeremy Renner a speedy recovery after a snowplowing accident left the MCU actor in critical condition.

James Gunn and other Marvel creatives wish Jeremy Renner a speedy recovery. The two-time Oscar nominee, best known for his role as Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently returned for the Disney+ series Hawkeye, which was involved in a serious snowplowing accident on Jan. 1 , which puts him in critical health) condition. An update from the family revealed that Reiner underwent surgery for blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and is recovering in intensive care. In a statement, Reiner's family also thanked fans for their love and support during this difficult time.

Now, shortly after the upbeat news of Jeremy Renner's injury, colleagues at Marvel are sending the actor even more love and support. James Gunn, best known for working on the Guardians of the Galaxy films and now co-CEO of DC Studios, said: "My heart goes out to Jeremy Renner." Loki voice actor Tara Strong also expressed to Renner Expressing well wishes, shared a photo of the two on-screen together in 1995's National Lampoon's Senior Trip. Thor screenwriter Zach Stantz also expressed his support for Renner. See tweet below: ^Jan 1st, Jeremy Renner's rep announced that the actor was involved in a "weather-related incident" while clearing snow near his home in Reno, Nevada. The actor, who has owned a home near Lake Tahoe for years, recently lost power to more than 31,000 people in the area due to a massive storm that dumped snow on New Year's Eve. According to eyewitness interviews, Reiner was operating a plow machine called the "Snow Cat" when it accidentally ran over one of his legs, causing massive blood loss.

Everything We Know About Jeremy Renner's Accident & Recovery

One of Renner's neighbors, a doctor, had a tourniquet wrapped around his leg until paramedics arrived. A video obtained by TMZ shows Rainer being airlifted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries and remains in a critical but stable condition. As the situation develops, more details about Reyna's health, including his recovery time, should become clearer. Reports also suggest that the Snowcat has been impounded by police and the area where the accident occurred is being treated as a crime scene because the vehicle's extensive safety features are supposed to prevent such accidents.

Reina stays ICU, seems to have a long road to recovery ahead of him. Given his serious injuries that required extensive surgery, it will take a long time for Renner to recover before considering a return to showbiz, neither the MCU nor the mayor of Kingston, at this point is nothing compared to the actor's health and well-being .Hope the well wishes from Gunn and his fellow Marvel creators will revitalize Jeremy Renner on his road to recovery.

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