I want a prequel, not a sequel to The Ring of Elden

Given Elden Ring's popularity, a second game was almost expected. However, the prequels are better than the sequels.

The popularity of Elden Ring made it only a matter of time before a sequel was announced. FromSoftware's latest entry, Elden Ring appeals to fans of the Soulsborne games, but also new players with the help of George R.R. Martin, who helped write part of Lands Between's rich history. With updates like the Colosseum DLC continuing to add more content, the world of Elden Ring seems to have a lot to offer players.

After winning Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022, a sequel seemed like the logical next step for Elden Ring. The new content will likely remove the Elden Ring DLC ​​from Lands Between and flesh out unspecified areas of the game, such as the origin of Numen. However, Lands Between has many stories to explore, including those from the distant past.

Elden Ring Needs A Prequel, Not A Sequel

By the time the player arrives in Lands Between as the Defiled Champion, the world-shaping events have long since passed. Players learn about thousands of years of history in the Elden Ring universe through conversations with NPCs, Quests and item descriptions, but that's enough to put together the turbulent past of this once seemingly near-perfect land. A prequel even goes back to when there was no Erdtree in Elden Ring: The Land Between.

The Shattering Is The Ideal Setting For An Elden Ring Prequel

The Lands Between is full of chaos during The Shattering, as the demigods fight each other for power. The Ring of Elden has been broken at this time, but players will be able to see more relics of the Golden Age and witness battles between demigods, which opens up opportunities for a large number of quests, where players can choose which demigods to support in the war .Although it will be the same Elden Ring universe, the prequels will feel different if they take place during an active period like The Shattering, rather than when the most pivotal events take place before the players arrive.

Future DLC for Elden Ring will likely follow the Colosseum DLC update, and it wouldn't be surprising if FromSoftware is at least talking about a second game at this point. However, developers can take games into the past Instead of setting it in the future or in a new location, Lands Between has plenty of moments in the game's history that lead to exciting and complex plots. While a sequel might have its own merits, a prequel could expand on the rich universe already presented in Elden Ring.

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