How Jamal Saved Kim and Usman's HEA Season 7 Storyline

90 Day Fiancé fans found Kim and Usman's HEA Season 7 storyline lackluster, but they did love the segment with Kim's son, Jamal Menzies.

Kim Menzies Might Not Be on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7, but the storyline in which her son Jamal Menzies helps the couple is more interesting overall. Kim and Usman made their debut prior to 90 Day Fiancé: 90 Day Fiancé Season 5, when they met for the first time in Tanzania. Kim and Usman hit it off unexpectedly, and Kim traveled to Nigeria to meet Usman's family at the start of season 7. Kim also decided to propose to Usman and the two got engaged, though they later broke up in the season finale.

Fans were not thrilled with Kim and Usman's performance on "90 Days Ago", and many were disappointed to see the couple return to "Happily Ever After". However, Kim's son Jamal was beloved by fans before 90 days and they were happy to see him appear in more of Kim's scenes and be happy ever since. Jamal first dated Kim face-to-face during her first trip to Nigeria, where he said he felt it was premature for her to propose to Usman. Jamal returns after pass His grandmother, Sally, comforts Kim and keeps her company. Jamal also accompanied King on his second trip to Nigeria to meet Usman in the second half of the season.

Jamal Brought Maturity To Kim And Usman's HEA Season 7 Storyline

Both Kim and Usman are notorious for being very immature at times, however, Jamal brings a mature perspective to the couple's storyline. While Usman initially intended to take a second wife so he could have children, he later tried to convince Kim to instead adopt his nephew Mahathir, the son of his eldest brother. Usman took both Kim and Jamal to meet Mahathir, and Jamal did not hide his opinion on the adoption. Jamal told Kim that he felt the adoption was rushed and unfair to Mahathir, something neither Kim nor Usman seemed to consider. Jamal also explained to King that there was no point in proposing to Usman without the family's approval, showing that he has a mature and realistic view of the situation.

Jamal Was Honest With Kim & Usman On 90 Day Fiancé HEA

Jamal also handled his interactions with Usman very maturely, as he respected him, but also showed that he was not afraid to ask him tough questions. Jamal made it clear that he stood by Kim and didn't want to see his mother hurt again, and he conveyed that to Usman. Usman admitted he felt Jamal was too invested in his relationship with Kim, but fans applauded Jamal for standing up for his mother. While Jamal doesn't hesitate to tell Kim his red flags for Usman, he's also quick to tell her what he likes about Usman, such as how Kim seems comfortable with him.

While fans consider Jamal to be very mature, many also consider him to be very charismatic and charismatic, which is another reason they love watching him on screen. One of 90 Day Fiancé's most heartwarming moments: Happily Ever After? Season 7 was Usman giving Jamal a PS5 as a welcome gift, and Jamal was ecstatic to receive it. While the kids of the 90 Day Fiancé cast were often not at all willing to give their parents' partners a chance, Jamal gave Usman the benefit of the doubt. Even though Kim and Usman's storyline might be dull for many fans, they still love everything about Jamal part.

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