How Armored Warfare Is Bringing Ultron Back (And Why It's Necessary)

Rumor has it that Ultron will return to the MCU in the upcoming Armored Warfare movie, even though he's clearly sabotaged in Age of Ultron.

Ultron is rumored to be returning in the upcoming Armored Warfare movie, and even though the AI ​​created by Tony Stark was destroyed during Avengers: Age of Ultron, it might be perfect for the future of the MCU . Although Don Cheadle's solo project as James "Roddy" Rhodes (aka Gears of War) was originally planned as a Disney+ series, it's now being adapted into a feature-length film, meaning some key characters may reprise their roles character of. Along with theories that Robert Downey Jr. may return as an artificially intelligent version of Tony Stark, the creation of Iron Man and Age of Ultron villain Ultron may also return.

Many have criticized Ultron's use in the second crossover event featuring the Avengers, as the villain is far more terrifying in the Marvel Comics but is presented as a nemesis in the MCU. However, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gave audiences a glimpse into the universe where Project Ultron was successful, and reintroduced the workings of the Ultron system into the series. Ultron's potential return in Armor Wars creates an opportunity for the villain to finally do justice in the MCU, but it could also Just what Marvel Studios needed to push storylines involving the DODC, Reed Richards, and even Earth-616's own Illuminati team.

How Can Ultron Return In Armor Wars?

Although introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Department of Damage Control (DODC) becomes more prevalent in Phase 4, especially in Spider-Man: No Return, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk: The Lawyer middle. Originally designed to clean up the mess left by superhero antics, the DODC has taken on a more villainous role in recent projects, which may suggest they're completely at odds with the mission laid out by their founder, Tony Stark. However, during the cleanup following the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's possible that the DODC came across a dormant Ultron drone, opening the door for the villain to return in future MCU projects.

Ultron's Return Would Be Bad For The MCU (But Maybe Also Good)

The creation of Ultron in Age of Ultron did not go as planned, with the AI ​​turning against his creator and vowing to destroy the Avengers, destroying Sokovia in the process. If the DODC can revive the Ultron drone, it can achieve its original purpose of eradicating the Avengers, and even side with the DODC for its own nefarious purposes. This will make Armored Warfare The perfect place for Ultron to return to the MCU, as the upcoming movie will tell the story of Roddy mishandling Stark technology after his death in Avengers: Endgame: Ultron could easily be used for evil.

On the other hand, Multiverse of Madness shows a world where Project Ultron is in play, with several drones being used to protect humanity rather than destroy it. This could lead to a brighter future for Ultron, as it's possible for someone as talented as Reed Richards to acquire Ultron technology and reprogram it into a permanent power. Additionally, this will set the stage for the MCU's own Illuminati team to follow in the footsteps of their Earth-838 counterparts. This will no doubt justify adapting Armor Wars from the series to a film, and could make it one of the most pivotal items in the MCU's upcoming plans.

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