His Dark Materials Proves TV Adaptations Can Be Better Than Movies

The most recent TV series, His Dark Materials, is based on the novel series of the same name following a failed film franchise in the late 2000s.

His "Dark Materials" has run for three seasons, proving that TV series based on novels are often better than film series. His Dark Materials follows orphaned Lyra in search of her missing friend. While doing so, Lyra discovers a kidnapping plot involving a mysterious cosmic substance known only as Dust.

The play is based on the Philip Pullman novel of the same name. The series is based on three books, The Northern Lights, The Fine Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. His Dark Materials was well-received by critics and audiences alike, and helped to prove that book adaptations often work better as TV shows.

TV Is The Best Medium For Adapting Books, And His Dark Materials Proves It

Previous adaptations of the Pullman series further bolster the notion that book adaptations are best as television shows. In 2007, New Line Cinema attempted to kick off his Dark Materials series with an adaptation of The Golden Compass of the Northern Lights. However, the film was criticized for its script and for failing to properly adapt the book, especially in downplaying the novel's religious themes. All of this is confounded by the fact that The Golden Compass is one of New Line Cinema's most expensive films. this means It was a disappointment at the box office and led to a whole reorganization of New Line Cinema itself.

The series was of course sealed, resulting in the rights reverting to Pullman. The series was then commissioned by the BBC in 2015, with a release date of 2017. His Dark Materials are considered more successful than The Golden Compass, both in terms of overall production quality and fidelity to the books, as exemplified by his satisfying season 3 finale. The longer forms of storytelling that can be used with television allow each storyline, character, and theme to be explored in greater depth than in film.

Which Other Failed Film Franchises Are Becoming TV Shows?

Television is a better medium for adapting novels than film, and this is further reinforced by other failed franchises that are now transitioning to television. One example is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series coming to Disney+ in 2024. Rick Riordan's original book, a film franchise that started in 2010, was heavily criticized by many fans of the series for making a lot of unnecessary changes to the series. source material. This led to Riordan pitching an adaptation to Disney, which is Has proven to be more faithful to the books.

Another similar case is the failed film adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia. While the first two films, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian," received positive reviews, the third installment again fell short due to unnecessary book changes. This resulted in no more film adaptations in the Narnia franchise and resulted in Netflix picking up the television rights. Each of these franchises, including his Dark Materials, serve only to prove that television is the best place to make book adaptations in the future.

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