Good Bones: Everything About Karen E. Laine's Husband Roger

Good Bones star Karen E. Laine is married to Roger, and the couple have been through a lot together. Now get to know her devoted spouse.

One of the stars of Good Bones is Karen E. Laine, and now it's time to share some fun facts about her husband Roger, who has been a big part of her life since the series premiered. Although Karen has kept her marriage a secret, fans are sure to want to know more about her life with her partner. Good Bones is a hit on HGTV that has captivated viewers since its premiere in 2016. Accompanying the audience is curiosity, and one thing that many people are curious about is Karen Mok's love life.

Roger has been part of Good Bones from time to time. He is known for his brief appearances, appearing in Good Bones season 3, episode 8, "Karen's Backyard Barn". In that episode, he surprised her by making a sign for her guest house and helping with some renovations. Roger takes on a bigger role on Karen's social media pages. He has appeared in photos and videos, and Karen often praises her husband online.

Karen E. Laine's & Roger Started Dating In 2015

Roger first appeared on Karen's Instagram in 2015. She revealed on Facebook that Roger became her other half when she was 53 years old. Karen was born in 1962, so most people Roger is believed to have started dating her in 2015. The two celebrated their wedding anniversary on September 23, 2020. In 2017, Karen from Good Bones started posting more about Roger on social media, referring to him as her husband. On Facebook, Karen shared that Roger was younger than her and joked that she needed a younger man to keep up with her young spirit. Karen's Facebook page is full of interesting posts about Roger and Karen's intimate relationship.

Roger Was Diagnosed With Cancer During Good Bones

Social media pages revealed some interesting details about Roger, including that he helped Karen with several renovation projects. When Karen decided to retire from Two Chicks and a Hammer in 2019, she planned to spend more time with Roger. The couple loves to travel, and they seem to be making the most of their free time together. Things aren't all fun and games, as they have to overcome some major hurdles. According to Amomama, Roger began cancer treatment in the early years of Good Bones. Karen was by his side throughout all of his treatment. She didn't talk about Roger's cancer diagnosis on social media.

Roger was Karen's fourth husband, and she believed she was finally found that. All signs point to the couple living happily ever after, so Karen marrying Roger seems like the right decision. These two Good Bones stars seem like a perfect match.

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