Goku's Dragon Ball debut shows off his stunning skills, GT confirms it

Goku revealed a secret skill in his Dragon Ball debut, but it was completely ignored until he used it again in Dragon Ball GT.

It's no secret that Goku is an extremely powerful character in Dragon Ball, whose skills include combat, gas bursts, and combat adaptability -- but his debut actually revealed a particularly shocking ability in Goku's arsenal, Dragon Ball GT confirms at this point.

Goku first appears in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball Chapter 1 as a lonely child (with a monkey tail) wandering the woods in search of food. However, not long after, Goku meets Bulma, and Bulma meets Goku while searching for the Dragon Ball, because Goku has a Dragon Ball. Since Goku's grandfather had recently passed away, and he was alone, Goku agreed to accompany Bulma on a quest around the world to find the Dragon Balls -- and thus, the series officially began. However, hidden between the lines of the first chapter is Goku's greatest skill, although it wasn't until Dragon Ball GT that this skill became apparent.

Dragon Ball GT Season 1 Episode 24 (written by Atsushi Maekawa, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Goku, Pan, and Trunks have just rescued a boy trapped in a crashed spaceship. towards the nearby sun. this The Z-Fighters took the boy to the most medically advanced planet in the galaxy, and while he was being treated, the Z-Fighters roamed the area until they started getting hungry. Wukong refuses to eat in the hospital cafeteria because he believes the doctor will stick him with a needle when he is not looking. It's an irrational fear, but Goku perseveres through most of the episode. So, the Z-Fighters decided to find food on their own, and they went to the nearby waters to catch some fish to eat. While Trunks is able to kill a couple, Goku catches schools of fish without even trying - reminiscent of his first appearance.

Goku’s Secret Dragon Ball Skill isn’t Fighting, it’s Fishing

In the first chapter of Dragon Ball, when Goku is looking for food in the woods, he decides that fishing is the best option - he catches a huge fish on his first try. When reading the first chapter, one doesn't immediately recognize Goku's fishing abilities based on this success alone. Impressive, of course, but the achievement is immediately overshadowed by Goku's acceptance of Bulma and her courtesy by summoning the adventurous Goku The quest to find the Dragon Balls. However, when Goku demonstrates his prodigious fishing abilities in this episode of GT, one can't help but be shocked at the amount of fish he was able to catch with so little effort, before remembering that it shouldn't be shocking at all, because Goku has shown fans from the very beginning that he is an amazing fisherman.

Before Goku avoids his first planetary threat, stops his first villain, and even throws his first punch, he proves he's good at fishing - this is Dragon Ball, introduced in the first chapter of the series Secret skills, and in Dragon Ball GT many years later.

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