Glass Onion's Best Lines Reveal The Twist's Secret Irony

Kate Hudson's Birdie Jay says she's a "truth teller," but Benoit Blanc's enthusiastic response to her subtly highlights A secret twist on the Glass Onion.

A line from Rian Johnson's "The Glass Onion: Mystery of Wilderness Action" is of subtle importance in showing both the irony of the film's turns and the motivations of the characters. The Knives Out sequel was released on Netflix during the holidays and briefly in theaters a month later for Oscar consideration. It was a smash hit, catapulting to become Netflix's most-watched title right now -- no surprise given the success of the first film and its strong cast. It brings together Daniel Craig as delightful, charming and entertaining as the extraordinary Detective Benoit Blanc as he must unravel a new murder mystery - this time on the shores of the beautiful Aegean Sea.

From the opening scene to the Glass Onion's finale, the film is full of unexpectedly pertinent social commentary, as riveting performances—particularly by Janelle Monáe—bring Johnson's deft Writing comes to life, which ranks among the best movies of 2022. In particular, when Benoit learns about the group's history and relationships, a single sentence encapsulates the film's central theme early on. Kate Hudson's Birdie Jay said, "I'm a truth teller, and some people can't stand it." Blanc responded, "Mistaking unthinking speech for speech is a dangerous thing the truth. Altogether, they showcase the characters' different worldviews and subtly highlight the irony of Glass Onion's big twist.

Glass Onion's Hidden Birdie Irony Explained

Birdie Jay is a problematic character, but still the best in Glass Onion due to her uncannily cute delusion One of the characters. As the former model turned mindless fashionista considers herself a "truth teller" even if it misleads people. The Glass Onion character wholeheartedly believes what she says regardless of the facts How, that's the truth. One glaring exception comes when she and her fellow "spoilers" perjure themselves to protect Miles. Birdie Jay - a self-proclaimed "truth teller" - is actually on the witness stand Lied on the website, and stated that Miles thought of his business with Andy first.

In fact, Birdie and those similarly self-centered simply approached concrete things like truth and honesty from the perspective of self-interest. concept. They'll say whatever suits them best in any situation. It's even proven at the end of the movie when they open up the glass onion villain Miles Brown. They only do it after Miles is exposed because they think it's not the same as him Any further contact is a hindrance rather than a benefit. Birdie, In particular, outperform others on egocentrism and misperceptions of truth. While she may be out of Miles' "golden teat," Bertie may remain delusional and problematic in the future.

What Glass Onion's Brilliant "Truth" Quote Really Means

Benoit Blanc's response to Birdie is also suitable for interpretation. Frankly, he told her that telling the personal truth was not the same as telling the truth. Contextualizing a personal belief, no matter how strong, is a dangerous thing because there is no quantifiable evidence to back it up and no respect for differing opinions and emotions. While Glass Onion did leave some unanswered questions, it did demonstrate just how wrong Birdie was in her statements. She doesn't care about the truth, she speaks her mind and has a good time.

This line perfectly teases a character the audience will come to know over the rest of the film. What's great about it is how well-pointed it is today and simply conveys an important theme without shoving it down the audience's throat. It just goes to show how well Johnson's talents are suited to these types of projects. Thankfully, there are plans after The Glass Onion: Mystery of Wilderness Action Netflix also bought the rights to a third film. It's interesting to think what kind of wit Benoit Blanc will drop when he returns to the case in Knockout 3. ^More: Glass Onion's COVID-19 setting actually made the movie better

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