Ghosts of Skyrim: Everything You Need to Know

Players can complete various quests in Ghosts of Skyrim at Court, and there are tons of new armor and weapons to collect.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes a variety of custom content, such as Inquisition ghost quests inspired by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Players can earn new Morrowind-themed weapons and armor, and there are six quests to complete, including the main questline, "Ghosts of the Court." The task name refers to the dark elves who were once regarded as living gods.

Ghosts of the Tribunal is one of several Creation Club items now officially part of the latest version of Skyrim, with quests and rewards related to Morrowind. Before the events of Skyrim, the court consisted of three dark elves: Vivec, Soltha Sil, and Almalexia. The dark elves were regarded as saints rather than gods by the new temple, and eventually the tribunal was disbanded. Ghosts of the Tribunal of Skyrim explores the ruins of the old courthouse and the people who still worship the dark elves who were part of it.

How to Start Ghosts of the Tribunal

To start Ghosts of the Inquisition in Skyrim, players need to complete the main story until the ability to travel to Raven Rock in Solstem is unlocked. Completing each mission will reward the player Various new items, weapons and equipment. Most of the quests in Ghosts of the Tribunal can be completed within Raven Rock or Solstheim, but players may need to travel farther to complete some of them. Each quest provides more information about the court and how the religion developed between its beginnings and the events of Skyrim.

To start the main quest of Inquisition Ghosts, players need to go to the temple in Raven Rock. Once inside the temple, go down the stairs and into the first room on the right. The quest will begin once the player has read the Heretic Files: Confessions of the Blacksmith. In this questline, players will team up with a group of heretics seeking to spread the cult of the court and revive their religion. Players can also choose to join them, but this is not required to complete the questline.

Ghosts of the Tribunal Walkthrough: "Ashen Heart"

The matriarch gives the player a note about the Ash Zombies' attack on the temple. While investigating the Temple, players will be able to find and loot valuable Skyrim Anniversary Edition armor and weapons. There is a note stating that players need Place certain masks on mannequins in the Templar Armory.

Puzzle solution is Vivec on the right, Almalexia in the middle, and Sotha Sil on the left. After solving the puzzle, players will have access to a hidden treasure room with several notes leading to objectives that need to be defeated. Killing the target will complete the mission. Throughout the quest, players will find a wide variety of armor and weapons to pick up.

Ghosts of the Tribunal Walkthrough: "Careless Curation"

In this quest, players will be asked to find the lost masks of Sotha Sil and Vivec. The quest can be started at the temple dedicated to Almalecia near Raven Rock. After starting the mission, players will need to investigate the disappearance of a woman who disappeared while following clues on the mask.

Players will be directed to a search area to find the missing Temple Priest. Sotha Sil's mask will be with the missing woman, so players can retrieve it and return them to the matriarch to complete the quest.

Ghosts of the Tribunal Walkthrough: "Buyer Beware"

In this quest, players will seek out Skyrim's Vivec mask, which will be transported back to Morrowind. Fortunately, there are A guard tried to sell the mask to an unknown buyer. The player should complete the given objective and follow the guards to a hidden cellar where masks are being sold. Once in the cellar, the player can kill the buyer, get Vivec's mask, and return it to the matriarch to complete the quest.

Ghosts of the Tribunal Walkthrough: "Her Word Against Theirs"

The Matriarch of the Raven Rock Temple asks players to help her spread the message of the Tribunal through some propaganda. Visit Drureth to retrieve the promotional letter, then give it to the designated NPC for translation. Skyrim players have to wait several hours in-game for the translation to complete.

Once the letter is translated, retrieve it from the translator and decide what to do with them. Players can choose to distribute the letters as they agree, or they can choose to hand them over to the Reclamation Priest. Once either objective is selected and completed, the Ghost of the Court quest is complete.

Ghosts of the Tribunal Walkthrough: "Trueflame"

Completing the Trueflame quest in Skyrim requires players to collect dwarven gems scattered around Solstheim. Players can collect unenchanted Trueflame weapons from Fahlbtharz Dwarven Forge and return with more gems Restore the charm. The Pyroil Tar is also required to use the Forge to enchant Trueflame. Once the enchantment is restored, the player can use the weapon and complete the quest.

Ghosts of the Tribunal for Skyrim offers players some new experiences and many new armor, weapons, and items. Players can find Morrowind-themed gear to equip their characters by completing six questlines in Ghosts of the Court.

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