Genshin Impact: Why You Shouldn't Ignore Time Trial Challenges

Genshin Impact offers many activities to complete, including memorable time trial challenges. That's why you shouldn't ignore them.

Genshin Impact offers a plethora of time trial challenges spread throughout Tivat, and while they're easy to forget, they shouldn't be overlooked. Time Trial Challenges are short open-world events divided into four distinct categories: Racing, Gliding, Exploding Barrels, and Traditional Beating Your Opponent. Dozens can be found in each region, from Mondstadt to Sumeru, and may vary depending on the region's lore and dominant elements.

HoYoverse's role-playing game offers players a number of activities, from the more engaging Archon story missions to the less appealing daily bounties. In between these, there are even events to further distract players. For example, Genshin Impact 3.3 has multiple events scheduled that require time and attention. However, among the many options, the time trial challenge in Genshin Impact seems to fade from the player's priority.

Genshin Impact Time Trials Offer Good Rewards Like Primogems

While they come up frequently and can sometimes be a distraction from more interesting activities, timing challenges in Genshin Impact should not be ignored. Each of these small activities requires a small investment of time, and always rewards the player with valuable prizes. While Mystic Augmentation Ore is popular, most of them actually grant Primogems as well, which is the main currency for gaining Fate in the game.

Time Trial Challenges In Genshin Impact Are Easy & Don’t Take Much Effort

while Each Time Trial awards a number of Primogems, which are enough to grant players more Destiny when stacked together, and players can try their luck pulling characters in Genshin Impact. These activities usually take less than a minute to complete, and in the worst case, about three minutes. With proper farming routes, these can contribute to a player's mercy count.

There are hundreds of time trial challenges in Genshin Impact spanning all available continents, and while finding each one is a challenge in itself, the rewards can be rewarding. It's worth noting that there are regional differences in the challenges; Mondstadt offers a flexible slide challenge where players need to collect Anemo particles, while in Inazuma the collectibles are Electro particles. The same will likely be the case when Fontaine comes to Genshin Impact and all other regions released afterward.

Primogems provided by time trial challenges in Genshin Impact cannot be claimed more than once, but they are a valuable asset for players who like to participate in the gacha system and try their luck in acquiring new characters and weapons. Add these to the already rich collection of Primogems rewarded in version 3.3 and its new quests and events, and players have a holiday of wishes in their hands.

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