Game of Thrones: 10 memes that perfectly sum up Theon Greyjoy's character

Theon is one of the most complex characters on Game of Thrones, but these memes sum up the Greyjoy warriors pretty well.

House of the Dragon has wrapped on HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery will continue to produce future shows based on Game of Thrones. While watching the original show, Theon Greyjoy continued to stand out as a complex character who got one of the most compelling arcs.

From being the guardian of House Stark, to betraying his brother and being captured by Ramsay Bolton, to rescuing Sansa Stark with his sister on behalf of House Greyjoy, Theon ends up in Victoria Stroll did it all. These memes sum up some of the more interesting aspects of the journey and the characters.

The Life-Changing Loss

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Theon Greyjoy has really suffered, and he was a completely different man after Ramsay Bolton broke up with him. Fans know of very specific injuries Theon suffered during torture, which broke the character and changed his image.

This meme sums it up pretty well, but also kind of makes fun of Theon. The meme definitely suggests that Greyjoy might be a bit jealous of the other characters losing a hand compared to the loss he experienced on the road. It is still the most Infamous moment.

Proving Himself To Be A Stark

Theon Greyjoy is an underrated character in many ways, and contributes a lot of drama and conflict to the series. A big part of his storyline centers on where he belongs. With House Greyjoy or House Stark. This meme mirrors the conclusion Game of Thrones draws.

He is welcomed as a true Stark, and many of his actions are similar to those chosen by other members of the Northern Dynasty. Ironically, it also ties Theon's death to that of Rickon Stark, a fate that neither escaped.

Sticking To His Word

Theon was supposed to protect Bran. But he never quite stuck to that, instead rampaging through Winterfell, forcing Bran to flee with Rickon. However, when the time comes, Theon will fulfill his promise to take the lead against the White Walkers and protect Bran.

As this meme suggests, the character definitely has a heroic quality to some of the great fantasy characters. This is perhaps one of Theon's best episodes, as he fulfills his potential and cements himself as a worthy member of the Stark family.

Transition To Reek

Part of what makes Theon's journey so painful is that He was arrested at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. Sadistic rivals torment Ramsay, eventually transforming him into a character named Reek. There are signs of the former Theon all over Westeros, though.

This meme reflects this shift, with a sad Squidward being compared to Theon, who is forced to use his new moniker. This was the narrative that began to change fans' perception of Theon, and as such was an important milestone in the course of his life.

Making Way For Euron

While Theon's tendency to run away due to the fear he has built up will be touched on further in other memes and reflected here, this image also sums up Theon's attitude towards the invading Euron Greyjoy , the latter trying to make its mark.

While Theon should really have supported Yara's succession to the throne after Theon himself stepped aside, he never really tried to counter Euron himself, who would eventually leave with most of the Greyjoy fleet and Shape yourself into the siren king.

A Stupid Choice

Theon's final moments do somewhat reflect how Game of Thrones was written and how many characters there are Make illogical decisions in the face of danger. For Theon, his death was based on an odd move in which the character attempted to take on the Night King himself.

The meme sums up the moment pretty well, suggesting that Bran may have used his magic against the ex-Reek to force him to leap to danger, since the idea behind the attack doesn't make as much sense. The idea that Theon's hopeful strike is a good strategy is a bit unpopular, but Bran isn't responsible for it.

Waiting For Heroes

Theon Greyjoy spends a lot of time waiting for heroes in Game of Thrones. Whether it's to save himself or save those around him, like Bran and Sansa, Theon often tries to stay out of trouble after the turbulent path he's walked. Obviously, he has to be a hero.

This meme might make fun of Bran's powers and how he uses them to support those around him, but Theon's hopeful look also tells the young man who is always on top of him that he's been waiting for some kind of A Miracle Comes.

Running Away

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Although Theon Greyjoy's on-screen appearance is In the books, his behavior is consistent with the trauma he experienced. Most notably, Greyjoy begins to withdraw himself, loses all his previous bravado, and even comes across as a coward.

This meme humorously reflects this. The first sign of trouble is that Theon is basically "fear quitting", unable to complete the tasks assigned to him, and too scared to charge forward like he once did. Viewers know his story ends with facing that trauma.


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It's not just his cowardice that bothers Theon. As this meme suggests, Theon was never where he was needed, whether it was his ego or his lack of self-control. Throughout the show, Theon continues to disappear when family or friends need his help.

He disappears for a long time when he could have saved Sansa, and doesn't help Yara Greyjoy until the end of Game of Thrones. He was taken off the field when his father needed him, and when he was finally free, he would run away when the going got tough.

Theon's Fate

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Theon's Game of Thrones Fate and the rest of his narrative. He finally played the hero, protecting Westeros in the battle against the Night King and his devastating army. Theon eventually died, but he redeemed the character by confronting whatever was bothering him.

This meme sums it up quickly, and also uses Theon's name, implying that he should now be named Theoff, since he has passed away. While this may come off as a running joke, it's one of the more poignant deaths the show has truly earned.

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