Game of Thrones: The 10 Best Tweets About Jon and Ygritte's Relationship

Jon Snow and Ygritte's passionate but ill-fated romance has inspired several interesting tweets from Game of Thrones fans.

HBO's "Game of Thrones" and its prequel "House of the Dragon" feature steamy affairs and forbidden romances. These two shows offer insight into the spirit of the medieval world and the consequences of breaking tradition. Both GoT and HotD depict the many ways in which characters are affected by love and duty.

While HoTD is still in its infancy, the series' original show - GoT - brilliantly portrays the conflict between love and duty through its legendary character Jon Snow and the wildling woman Ygritte. Fans on Twitter celebrated the doomed romance with some beautiful and memorable tweets.

The Better Pair

Jon and Daenerys' romance marred by trust issues and differences of opinion. Given these facts, Twitter poster @pxxyriot thinks Jon and Ygritte are a better couple. They write, "Jon Snow and Ygritte >>> Jon and Daenerys."

Ygritte plays a pivotal role in Jon's life. Yes, Jon abandoned her and returned to the Night's Watch, but he's not the same man he was when the Great Crusade began. He returned to Castle Black as a changed man, deeply in love with her, but at the same time, loyal to his duty.

The Chemistry

Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) are a real-life couple who fell in love while filming the episode, according to Harper'sBazaar. The actors acted absolutely natural on screen.

Twitter user @AlysWesthill correctly pointed out the same, with Jon and Ygritte being one of the few "connected to the electronic screen". Their thoughts were also echoed by Redditors who considered Jon and Ygritte to be their favorite Game of Thrones couple. Although the two are bound by their respective values, they have both platonic and sexual chemistry on the show.

You Know Something, Jon Snow

Ygritte and Jon's banter is a core dynamic in their relationship, and one that helps them develop their love. They met during Jon's expedition, and Leslie's character was killed in Ranke's highest-rated Game of Thrones episode, "Watchers on the Wall."

Ygritte would mock Jon Snow's naivety by saying "You don't know anything, Jon Snow". Twitter user @LetMicahDown reported on IGN in 2019 that the actress who played her, Leslie, stopped talking to Ygritte after Harrington revealed to her the ending of GoT. They cleverly use Ygritte's famous quote to get attention To her and Jon's grumpy dynamic.

Hard To Move On

Twitter poster @Humerus_Yarr wrote, "Man I miss ygritte, she was Jon's first love and the way Jon Snow struggled to move on after her death, saying to Melisandre "I loved another Man", I still love her >>>"

This user recalled the moment in Sons of the Harpy when Melisandre tried to seduce Jon, but Jon rejected her advances, saying he still loved Looking at Ygritte. Their tweets rightly point out that Jon's love for Ygritte remains strong after tragic circumstances swallowed up their beautiful romance.

First Love

Twitter user @duanjum tweeted in memory of Ygritte, commenting that she should have been Snow's "only girlfriend" in Game of Thrones. Daenerys was Jon's second significant love interest, and while their relationship began with chemistry and mutual appreciation, it gradually went downhill.

Jon's relationship with Ygritte has had its ups and downs, but she is the one he loves the most. She's been instrumental in shaping his perception of rich and poor, and because of her, he finds the strength he needs to make some of the best decisions on Game of Thrones.

The Heartbreaking Moment

Jon Snow betrays Ygritte's trust and abandons She rode back to the Night's Watch. She was sad and met him on his way to the Great Wall.

This scene takes place in "Mhysa", moved by Twitter poster @KAamon24, Jon "cries" as he leaves Ygritte. It's overwhelming emotion as the two lovers go their separate ways knowing full well that they belong together. Sadly, Jon has to do his job and Ygritte has to do hers.

Reel To Real

Jon and Ygritte become a fan-favorite couple. Ygritte's quick wit and bloodthirsty demeanor complement Snow's melancholic personality well. Twitter poster @GNCordova said they love how the former co-stars "finally got married in real life".

Fans admire Jon and Ygritte and the actors who played them, and for that, all credit goes to the passionate, heartbreaking Jon-Ygritte moment in GoT. The actors performed well and found a home in the hearts of fans.

The Wall

In the entertaining GoT episode "The Climb", Jon climbs the Wall with the Free Folks. He looks terrified at first, and Ygritte says she's been waiting her whole life to see the world from above. She told him that as his woman he had to show her Loyalty, he is the most important thing to her.

The powerful dialogue won praise from the audience, with Twitter user @Mahesh_4Akhil saying they "loved the dialogue between them". This scene is just a few episodes before Jon and Ygritte part ways, so this dialogue is a poignant reminder of their doomed story.

True Love

Twitter poster @sleberth585 commented, "...are Jon Snow and Ygritte the only true love story in the series?" Love this pair.

Ygritte and Jon, despite being clearly at odds, remain in love to the end. In fact, she did die in Jon's arms, saying they should stay together and away from the conflict that kept them apart.

Love Over Duty

Although Jon chose duty over love, Twitter user @WVREDMEAT firmly believes he should live with Ygritte. They end up saying, "Oh, Jon, you screwed up man."

Jon and Ygritte's great love has fans wishing the rest of their lives away from madness. User summed up shipper sentiment accurately, saying Jon screwed up because he Let his duty take precedence over love. The doomed but true lovers have become one of the greatest couples in a show rife with sordid tales.

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