Everything we know about Zelda's fate in Tears of the Kingdom

The trailer for Tears of Kingdoms hints at Zelda's possible fate, possibly including a connection to the Skyward Sword and a possible villain.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is scheduled for release in 2023, but Nintendo has limited the amount of information it reveals about the game's plot in trailers and trailers. However, Nintendo gave some hints about Princess Zelda's fate in the trailer, and allowed room for speculation about what might happen to her. While some players expected Zelda to be a playable character in Tears of the Kingdom, given how little we know about her so far, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Some games, such as The Wind Waker, have Zelda more directly helping Link rather than burdening her with the burden of being a Hyrule princess, but those games seem to be the exception. Even with her powers, Zelda is often in situations where she needs Link's help to save Hyrule or save her from Ganondorf. Judging from what's shown in the Tears of Kingdoms trailer, it looks like Zelda is going to be in danger, quite literally.

Tears Of The Kingdom Draws Zelda Into Darkness

In one of the first trailers for Tear of Kingdoms, Zelda and Link explore the cave, but it's not clear what they're looking for. Then, seeing Zelda fall into the dark abyss Her hand reaches out, presumably towards Link. With Calamity Ganon blocked, it's likely that a different villain, possibly Death, will be used for Tears of the Kingdom, and Zelda will fall into their hands.

Demise Could Use Zelda To Return In Tears Of The Kingdom

There are some indications that Death may be the villain of Tears of Kingdoms, especially in the hieroglyph image of stone shown in the name reveal trailer. Zelda's soul is required to resurrect Death, and one of the stone statues is reminiscent of Ghirahim holding Zelda in Skyward Sword as he almost succeeds in his goal of unleashing Death. Link's return to the island in the sky in Tears of the Kingdom could also hint at the return of Death, as Zelda crashes to the surface and disappears in Skyward Sword.

Nintendo has remained mum on the plot of Tears of Kingdoms, but has shown multiple ties to Skyward Sword in released trailers and trailers. While players are limited to guessing and theorizing what will happen, most of them seem to believe that Tears of the Kingdom centers on Zelda and her divine powers. Breath of the Wild's place in the Zelda timeline is ambiguous, but Zelda's fate Link's return to the skies could provide context for the era in which Kingdom Tears took place.

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