End of Halloween Might Give Michael Myers a Darker Apprentice (Not Corey)

The novel at the end of Halloween improves the movie in various ways, but more importantly, it explains how Michael's evil spreads to others.

The novel that ended on Halloween gave us a glimpse at other characters infected by Michael Myers' villainy. Last Halloween was met with backlash upon release for its focus on new killer Corey Cunningham. In the film, Cory is ostracized by Haddonfield after the tragic death of a young boy in his care, leading the town to brand Cory as the new evil. Eventually, Cory meets Michael Myers, who infects Cory with his evilness, causing Cory to become the demon Haddonfield portrays.

Corey Cunningham's role as Michael's Apprentice drew a lot of criticism at the end of Halloween. For many viewers, this plot line didn't make much sense and misunderstood what people knew about Michael Myers. However, the novel "Halloween is Over" by Paul Brad Logan explains Michael's ability to infect others with his own evil. In 1982, Dr. Loomis told Laurie that one of Smithgrove's patients, Carl, had killed himself and the guards after approaching Michael's cell, explaining that Carl's condition made it easier for Michael's evil to haunt his mind. As the novel continues, it outlines another time when Michael's evil infects someone, however, this time it's far away more sinister.

Michael Myers Infected A Little Girl In The Halloween Ends Book

In a flashback to 2018, Michael arrives at a cabin after killing two garbage men and stealing their truck after the Halloween Kills. The cabin is home to an abusive father who kidnaps his 10-year-old daughter after losing his visitation rights. It's further emphasized in this interaction that Michael doesn't attack those who aren't afraid of him, instead, Michael supernaturally haunts them with evil after staring them in the eye. The little girl brutally killed her father with Michael's knife before burning him to death. Unlike Corey, however, it's implied that Michael then killed the young girl.

Why The Girl In The Cabin Could've Helped Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends never bothers to explain how Michael influences Cory in the movie. While this means Michael recognizes Corey's kinship, it's a far cry from any previous onscreen interaction Michael has had. Therefore, it would be beneficial to use the girl in the cabin from the Halloween End novel to further explain the connection between Michael and Corey. The interactions between the young girl and Michael show that he has a pattern of infecting individuals who have been wronged and are already deeply angry.

In addition, it also Adding even more weight to Laurie's statement about evil changing shape explains Michael Myers' aspect of immortality. At the end of the novel on Halloween, it's implied that Laurie falls victim to Michael's evil after staring him in the eye before killing him, leading to a major change with the movie, as she then isolates herself and deletes her memoir. Thus, the Halloween ending novel provides an exciting cliffhanger and explains the movie's biggest plot hole, as Michael's mask awaits a new look.

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