Emily in Paris Season 3 Every Song

The soundtrack for Emily in Paris season 3 includes a large collection of classical and modern French songs, as well as original songs by Chris Alan Lee.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Emily in Paris season 3

Emily in Paris season 3 includes many songs belonging to different genres, all of which enrich the story of Emily's continued choice to stay in Paris. Upbeat soundtracks have always been a staple of Netflix shows, and season 3 of Emily in Paris features a selection of classic and more modern French songs, as well as a host of international hits of electro-pop. As Ashley Park's Mindy continues her musical career in Emily in Paris Season 3, many of Park's covers of past French and American hits are also part of the Emily in Paris Season 3 soundtrack.

American composer Chris Ellen Lee wrote an original song for Emily in Paris season 3 throughout the season. Emily in Paris' lead theme song was composed by James Newton Howard, and Lee's songs provided continuity to Emily's character and story in Paris Season 3, as the songs appeared at different points in the season. Here's a guide to every song featured in Emily Paris Season 3 and when they appear in each episode.

Episode 1 – “I Have Two Lovers”

"La Torsion" by Chris Alan Lee - The original song begins with Emily's nightmare of falling from the Eiffel Tower In Paris Season 3.

"Reine De L'attitude" by DOPAMOON and Lydia Képinski - This electro-pop song is accompanied by Emily's preparation sequence.

"La nuit qui vient" by Ali Daniel - This French song is featured in Mindy and Emily's surprise breakfast meeting with Camille.

"Paris" by Ariel T & Caloé - Emily's ex, Doug, unexpectedly calls Emily about the McDonald's deal.

"Ma Chanson des Èles" by André Pasdoc - This classic French song accompanies Emily and Gabriel's impromptu adventure at McDonald's.

"Passion sonore" by AGAV & Lucile - Mindy and Étienne learn they are about to play at the jazz club La Trompette Bleue.

"Par hasard" by Romain Muller – Emily's French class leads the teacher to explain French existential philosophy.

"J'ai Deux Amours" by Ashley Park - Mindy's singing career began on season 2 of Emily in Paris, where Mindy performed the Joséphine Baker classic at La Trompette Bleue.

"Claire" by Charlie Faron - Emily's boyfriend Alfie meets Maison Lavaux owner Antoine at Gabriel's restaurant.

"Complicity" by Chris Alan Lee - Original song with Sylvie's dramatic firing of Emily.

"tout ira bien" by Sarah Rebecca and Ariel T - Alfie Rest Stay with Emily, as this hazy pop song plays at the end of the episode.

Episode 2 – "What's It All About..."

"Redis-moi" by Mélanie Pain - Emily and Mindy choose flowers for Madeline's return to Savoir's at the beginning of Emily in Paris Season 3 Episode 2. Onomatopoeia is similar to Crash and Madeleine and Emily's various challenges in Savoir.

"Zou Bisou, Bisou" by Jessica Paré - Communication problems when Emily and Alfie try to send each other messages.

"Debout (Pierre III Remix)" by Barbagallo & Pierre III - Emily and Madeline ruin Sylvie's meeting with Tiffany.

"Rollercoaster (MAAz Remix)" by AGOP & mAAz - Emily finally meets Alfie at Gabriel's restaurant to talk about their breakup. Chris Alan Lee's "Pas De Travail" - While Sylvie, Luc and Julien try to keep their Savoir clients.

4TVmusic's "Mannequin" - Emily at Pierre Cadault retrospective.

"Totem" by Pallace - Cadault surprisingly reveals he sold his label to JVMA.

"Blondie" by Minuit - Emily in Paris Season 3 highlights Sylvie's JVMA issues, however, she still meets with Nicolas during the song.

"Sourire - Strings Version" by Chris Alan Lee - Sylvie meets Luc and Julien and they decide to go ahead and form Agence Grateau.

"Smile" by Ashley Park - Park's Mindy covered this popular song at the Fête de la Musique.

"Alfie" by Lily Collins - Collins' Emily sings the famous Dionne Warwick song to convince Alfie to give her another chance.

"Seuls à vivre" by Noroy - Alfie finally accepts Emily's apology.

"Là ou l'été" by Mélanie Pain - Emily in Paris Season 3 Episode 3 begins with Alfie and Emily having a romantic reunion at Alfie's hotel.

Episode 3 – "Coo D'état"

"Une autre vie" by Iliona - Emily has to leave Alfie's hotel room, but she is terrified of going to Madeleine's for work.

"Oulala" by The Vrooming Crew & Dolores - Emily asks the manager at Savoir's office to fix the elevator.

Myd's "Domino" - Emily and Alfie arrive at Mindy's set.

Napkey's "Vitesse" - Benoit visits Mindy in her dressing room before her show.

"Don't Start Now" by Ashley Park - Mindy playing Dua Lipa at La Trompette Bleue.

"Ma jaguar" by The Rebels of Tijuana - Alfie suggested Gabriel Romantic dinner with Camille at his restaurant.

"Viens" by Motel Club with Cindy Pooch - Madeleine tells Emily they are leaving Savoir's office.

"LONGO MAÏ" by Enchantée Julia and Benjamin Epps - Emily enjoys a romantic dinner at Gabriel's restaurant with Camille and Gabriel in Paris.

"Cet Été" by Matild - Emily and Alfie spend a romantic evening at Emily's house.

"Le Lac" by Vendredi sur Mer - Emily quits the Gilbert group in front of Madeleine.

"Open Up The Sky" by Slove & John The Volta - Emily leaves the Four Seasons and her life in Chicago.

"Spotlight On Me" by Janaé E. & Maine Productionz & PUSH.audio - Emily live from the steps of the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre.

Episode 4 – "Live From Paris, It's Emily Cooper"

"J'adore ce flic" by The Rebels of Tijuana - Emily produces content throughout Paris by taking advice from her Emily account followers in Paris.

"Sunny Sabatie" by Chris Alan Lee - Sylvie wrestles with entrepreneurial bureaucracy.

"L'Amour Parfait" by Brigitte Fontaine and Areksi Belkace - Sofia and Camille's first contact.

"Panama Paname" by Clea Vincent – ​​Alfie and Emily at garden.

"Plus Fort Que Moi" by Enchantée Julia - Emily organizes her unemployment tour with Mindy at Gabriel's restaurant.

"Connection Lost (Yuksek Remix)" by Don Turi & La Chica & Yuksek - Emily waits for a table at Gabriel's restaurant.

"Bang, bang!" by Saint Privat - Sylvie asks her ex-husband Laurent for help.

"Deja Vu" by Valhen & Nada Funk - Camille's parents meet Emily the waitress at Gabriel's restaurant.

"Paris" by L'Impératrice - Sofia tells Camille a secret in her gallery.

"Tomber Sur Toi" by Miel De Montagne - Gabriel fires Emily from his restaurant.

"Tes cheveux" by Juniore - Sylvie finds Emily in Paris season 3 episode 3 and hires her to come back to Emily.

"Call Me" by Sarah Rebecca - Emily meets Alfie at la Roue de Paris.

"Parler" by Social Dance - Julien, Sylvie and Luc of Agence Grateau took their photos.

Episode 5 – "Ooo La La Liste"

"Pas De Travail" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily finally becomes part of the Agence Grateau in Emily in Paris season 3 episode 5.

Kedam's "Maria" - Le Monde's Janine Dubois returns to Emily.

"Laisser Aller" by AJ Damour - Emily meets Alfie In the restaurant Le Bourgogne.

"Lost in the Sound" by Tahiti 80 - Emily's answer to Sylvie Janine Dubois.

"Que Vais - Je En Fire (Pendentif Remix)" by Jérome Echenoz - Emily arrives to party at Alfie's new place.

"HIGH&LOWS" by Matveï - Sofia meets Emily for the first time.

"House Guy" by Shayhan - Nicolas invites Emily and Mindy to JVMA event.

"Sur ton épaule" by Claude Robin - Sofia and Camille kiss for the first time.

"Humains après tout" by Nell Widmer - Mindy meets Emily at Nicolas' event.

"Good for Me – Radio Edit" by Pallace & Emma Hoet – Emily and Mindy meet Nicolas.

"Mon Soleil (Les Gordon Remix)" by Ashley Park - Emily playing Mindy's song at Nicolas' club.

"It's Been a Little Heavy Lately" by Joesef - Mindy tells Benoit what Emily thinks.

"Nanette" by Julia Daigle - Alfie and Emily meet Gabriel at his restaurant.

"Shallow" by Ashley Park and Kevin Dias – Mindy and Benoit at La Trompette Bleue.

"Toujours des mensonges" by Owlle & Vendredi sur Mer - What Mindy deserves in Emily Paris season 3, standing ovation for jazz clubs.

"Érotique" by The Rebels of Tijuana - Alfie and Emily get to know Mindy and Benoit.

Episode 6 – "Ex-en-Provence"

"Sunny Sabatie" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily, Alfie and Gabrielle travel to Provence in Emily's love triangle in Paris season 2.

"Archipelago" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily and others arrive at Antoine's castle.

"SoFi" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily and Alfie looking at lavender fields in Provence.

"Miss Emily" by Charles Trenet - Emily and Gabriel arrive at L'Esprit du Luberon.

"C'est Tout" by Suzy Delair - Emily and Gabriel dine at L'Esprit du Luberon.

"Le Petit Boléro" by Paname Dandies – Camille agrees to follow Sofia to Greece.

"Je vole" by Laure Briard - Guests begin to arrive at Antoine's castle.

"La Douce" by Chris Alan Lee - Guests dine at McLaren event.

Black Lilys' "Party" - Emily in Paris Season 3 offers a rare look at Sylvie and Laurent's relationship when they meet at Antoine's castle.

"La nuit te ressemble" by Thaïs - Sylvie and Laurent fall into a pool of water to avoid bees.

"Un roi" Photo by Casque D'or – Emily and Alfie return to Paris in the McLaren.

Emma Hoet's "chute libre" - Sylvie learns that Gregory Dupree, Emily's Pierre Cadault nemesis in Paris Season 2, drives the speech.

Episode 7 – "How to Lose a Designer in 10 Days"

"Control" by Janet Jackson - Emily, Sylvie, Luc and Julien watch Dupree's demonstration of the Air France livery.

"La Douce" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily and Gabriel leave the outdoor cinema.

"Mangrove (Le Wanderer Remix)" by Toukan Toukän - Gabriel and Emily enter the Balloon Museum.

"The Answer" by Cezaire & Ayelle - Mindy and Nicolas kiss for the first time at the end of Emily in Paris Season 3 Episode 7. Pierre in his hospital.

"Que Les Reves" by Mélissende - Nicolas puts the phone down to talk to Emily, spending time with Mindy.

Episode 8 – "Fashion Victim"

"String Scherzo" by Bette Byers - Sylvie has a business meeting with Nicolas' father.

"Pénélope" by Fred Nevché - Emily passing through Cadault's new store.

"Lightleak" by There's Talk - Gabriel drunkenly tells Emily that he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, opens a Since Emily in Paris season 1, their will may happen.

"Get Your Body Moving" by Jean Tonique - Emily and Mindy meet at the opening of Cadault's store.

"Maintenant je suis un voyou" by Bruno Leys - Sylvie supports Pierre and leaves the JVMA party with the rest of the Agence Grateau.

"Never Get It Right (Shura Remix)" by Ines Rae & Kinouste & Shura - Emily and Gabriel talk about the night he got drunk.

"Qu'est-ce que tu fous?" by The Vrooming Crew & Dolores - Emily welcomes Alfie back to Paris.

"Paris" by Petit Nuage & ELISA ERKA - Set at the end of Emily in Paris season 3. Emily and Gabriel's last conversation, Gabriel realizes he wants a family while in the park.

Episode 9 – "Love Is in the Air"

"The French Boy" by Moodoïd & Say Lou Lou - Laurent leaves Sylvie and returns to Provence.

"Just a Clown" by Primer – Mindy admits to Emily that her stunt has put her in a difficult situation with Nicolas and his family.

"Don't You Know I Want" by Slowblood - Gabriel tells Emily he intends to propose to Camille.

"Sur la piste de danse" by: Laure Briard - Gabriel sends Emily a message about a proposal.

"C'est tout" by Suzy Delair - Emily and Gabriel use the Sacré Coeur steps as a potential proposal location.

"Le Tuto" by Miel De Montagne and Jacques - Alfie and Antoine tell Gabriel he will share his restaurant.

"Sleep, Sleep" by Painted Pale - Camille proposes to Gabriel at the Musée d'Orsay.

"Voi Che Sapete" from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro - Sylvie arrives at the Opera.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro, Overture - Sylvie and Laurent enter the Opéra Garnier together.

"Odyssey" by Dream Koala & Yndi - Nicolas deftly kicked Emily out of an event he organized for Mindy at La Trompette Bleue last night, jeopardizing Emily's most stable Emily relationship in Paris.

"L'Amour Est Dans L'air" by Laurent Rossi - Emily and Alfie in a romantic Agence Grateau campaign.

"Love Is In The Air (Ballroom Mix)" by John Paul Young - Emily and Alfie make their relationship official in a hot air balloon.

"Cocktails" by doVicente & NVRT – Emily in Paris season 3's unanswered questions Yes Gabriel's grandmother, Gigi, doesn't like Camille, and it shows when Emily meets Gigi.

"Pas De Travail" by Chris Alan Lee - Julien announces his new marketing account to Agence Grateau.

Episode 10 – "Charade"

Blanche's "Sexy" - Emily and Mindy discover Sofia and Camille's secret lunch.

"Dépêche-toi" by Weekend Affair - Luc gets an unexpected phone call from his former Michelin inspector, Marianne.

"Dis-moi où on va" by Ferielle - Gabriel and Gigi cook for the opening of Gabriel's restaurant L'Esprit de Gigi.

Later "Back to Heaven" - Mindy, Alfie, Emily and Camille meet at the opening of the restaurant.

"Dans les strass" by Clea Vincent - Emily tells Gabriel to make Luc and Marianne's dinner extra special.

"Burning Hour" by Jadu Heart - Mindy gives Nicolas one last chance and invites him to Gabriel and Camille's engagement party.

"Moyen-Âge" by Bandit Voyage – Julien texts another mysterious marketing agency.

"Vous qui passez sans me voir" by Albert De Paname - Camille welcomes Alfie and Emily at her family's castle.

"Feminin Masculin" by Chris Alan Lee - Emily sees Gabriel on the castle grounds.

"Ananas" by Bleu Toucan – Alfie and Emily meet other guests at the Camille family's castle.

"Marseille" by Beds & Beats - Camille's parents begin addressing the bride and groom.

"Le Coeur Hypothétique" April March - Marianne and Luc return to Gabriel's restaurant.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" - Emily in Paris season 4 kicks off, Luc reveals to Emily and Gabriel that Gabriel's restaurant will get a Michelin star.

"Palermo No. 332" by Javier E. Fioramonti - Laurent and Sylvie Walking Through the Canal.

"Noches de tango" by Mauricio Yazigi and Peter T Neff - Sylvie and Laurent dancing by the canal.

"Pyor" by Darius - Gabriel tells Camille his restaurant will get a Michelin star and they decide to get married right away.

"Revelation Du Mariage" by Chris Alan Lee - Camille stops the wedding to tell Gabriel the truth.

"Enid & Rebecca" by Les Gordon – Emily in Paris season 3, episode 10 ends with Gabriel revealing to Emily that Camille is pregnant.

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