Each High On Life Boss, ranked by difficulty

High on Life has unique and weird boss fights that are both fun and challenging, some harder than others.

Players need to defeat seven main bosses to complete High on Life, including important characters from the G3 Cartel such as Garmantuous, Krubis, and 9-Torg. They all have their own unique mechanics that can make combat more interesting, but also frustrating for the player. The easiest bosses in the game may be very simple, while the hardest bosses may require multiple attempts before the player defeats them.

Despite its flaws, High on Life has managed to create weird but interesting boss fights that require players to be smart about which weapon they should use against which boss. In addition to offering fast-paced combat, the game also offers absurd and bombastic humor, which isn't surprising considering the Rick and Morty co-creator developed High on Life.

#7 - 9-Torg Is The Easiest Boss In High On Life

9-Torg can be considered a Tutorial Boss because she has a simple movement set in High on Life, since she can only fire normal bullets or energy rounds. Players must be careful of the boss arena's platform, which sometimes sinks under the corrosive liquid, and they must use the Knifey to chain themselves to insects hovering in the air. This attack pattern repeats until the player manages to drain 9-Torg's health while she A huge laser beam is emitted that lasts for a considerable period of time.

After the player defeats 9-Torg, the secret boss 5-Torg will drop from the sky. Although she is a secret boss, players do not need to defeat her to unlock the secret ending of High on Life. Since 5-Torg is tied together, the player can easily kill her without her having a chance to fight back, making this fight more of a one-sided carnage than a boss fight.

#6 - High On Life Bosses - Dr. Giblets Is Not That Easy To Beat

Most players might be surprised to find out that Dr. Giblets' boss fight was interrupted when he accidentally injured himself in High on Life. Dr. Giblets is taken aback when the player enters his room, which causes him to fall from his chair, ruining his clothes as he hits the floor. Kenny comments that the encounter is rather anti-climactic, and Knifey agrees before asking the player to do their job.

Players should consider upgrading their health in High on Life before acquiring Dr. Giblets' DNA, as they will immediately drop into an arena with many enemies waiting. Although all opponents are ordinary enemies, they can easily surround the player with a large number of people. As the battle draws to a close, Toxic gas is injected into the room, and players must climb up the central platform to avoid it.

#5 - Krubis Provides A Decent Challenge In High On Life

Krubis is the second boss in High on Life that the player must fight to progress through the story, the player needs to obtain his coordinates and warp him using the Warp Disc. Crubis' primary attack uses a regular blaster and a sawblade that bounces off floors and walls, while his other moves include him digging underground and launching himself across arenas. Players might consider muting their guns in High on Life to be able to focus on the fight, especially since Krubis also needs backup and orders a couple of thugs to join the fray. Thankfully, during this time, Krubis will retreat, allowing players to focus on killing enemies before he returns.

#4 - High On Life Players Should Watch Out For Douglas' Lethal Traps

Douglas is located in Port Tyrone, and the player can face him in High on Life after completing his lessons and solving several puzzles. When Douglas jumps onto the pillars of the arena at high speed, the player should use Kenny's Glob Shot to stun the alien, giving the player several hits. While Douglas isn't as hard as the hardest video game Bosses, his final move can be quite tricky, as Douglas will turn the entire arena floor into a death trap by running high voltage across the floor.

#3 - Nipulon's Fight Is Quite Tricky In High On Life

Nipulon is the second-in-command of the G3 Cartels in High on Life. At first, his combat is fairly simple, players just need to shoot him until he drops to a quarter of his health. At that point, Nipulon gasses the room and triggers the second phase of the boss fight. Nipulon's drugs will make the protagonist high, allowing them to see several Nipulons attacking the player at the same time.

#2 - Difficult High On Life Bosses - Garmantuous Isn't The Hardest Enemy

Garmantuous is the final boss in High on Life, and at the start of the fight, he will stand on his flying hovercraft while shooting countless balls of energy that are difficult to dodge. While the final boss is challenging, players can use Lezduit, the strongest talking gun in High on Life due to his long range and high damage. Once the player has defeated Garmantuous, they must push one of the Gatlians through Garmantuous's bottom hole to defeat the aliens once and for all. Although Kenny volunteered, the players Any Gatlians can be placed in Garmantuous, but thankfully, the chosen Gatlians will survive the traumatic events of High on Life.

#1 - Bro-Tron Is The Most Challenging Boss In High On Life

Players will each face three siblings as mini-bosses, who then combine to form Bro-Tron and become a full boss fight in High on Life. After the player has dealt enough damage to the boss, the trio will split up and attack the player simultaneously, making Bro-Tron the hardest boss fight to rival the hardest in Cyberpunk 2077. One action players will need to watch out for is the spinning tornado attack, which can only be dodged by keeping a distance. Players should focus on defeating Jonathan first, then Angela, and finally Mona. While the siblings' moves are quick and complex, once players memorize Bro-Tron's attack patterns, they should be able to take down the trio in High on Life.

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