Dragon Ball Super Writer Explains Frieza's New Form

Dragon Ball Super co-writer Toyotarou explains the concept behind Frieza's new form, Black Frieza, which makes perfect sense for the character.

Dragon Ball Super co-writer Toutaro explains Frieza's terrifying new form: Black Frieza's design. According to mangaka, the form takes its name from the banking industry, a perfect fit for Frieza's character, a ruthless conqueror who builds a galactic empire.

One of the most shocking manga moments of 2022 is the return of Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87, the conclusion of the two-year Granola arc. The Galactic Tyrant's presence has been teased throughout the storyline, but his arrival still came as a shock to fans, especially after Frieza revealed his new transformation, known as Black Frieza. This form, obtained after ten years of training in a hyperbolic time chamber, completely surpasses even Goku and Vegeta's most powerful transformations, Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, proving that Frieza is the most powerful that has ever appeared in the series the villains.

Frieza's return was planned from the beginning of Granola, so both Toutaro and Toriyama spent a lot of time thinking about the character's new transformation and making it as impressive as possible. Toyotaro reveals the concept behind Black Frieza in an interview with Dragon Ball Official website series, "Weekly Dragon Ball News". mangaka explains why he chose "black" as a more advanced step than its previous form, Golden Frieza. For credit cards, "Black" is considered the highest level, followed by "Gold". While Toyotaro said the explanation was tongue-in-cheek, it actually makes a lot of sense in the context of Frieza's character.

Black Frieza Represents The Character's Connection To Capitalistic Greed

In fact, Frieza is not just a mighty evil warrior who enjoys wanton destruction. Frieza is actually more of a (very evil) galactic merchant who sells planets to the highest bidder (except for the few times he actually destroys them) completely ignoring their inhabitants, building a massive empire for himself. It fits very well with the classic depiction of greedy, destructive capitalism, and the Granola arc really helped solidify Frieza's image. Naming his new and most powerful form after the most valuable credit card, then, makes perfect sense.

Black also obviously has very ominous connotations, so black is a natural choice for Frieza, who has established himself as the biggest villain Goku and his gang have ever faced. Frieza's return was an epic, shocking moment, and Toutaro himself Admitted in interviews that this is his favorite scene in the entire granola arc. The explanation behind Black Frieza, the most intimidating form Dragon Ball Super has ever seen, further cements Frieza's image as the embodiment of greed.

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