Donna and Kathy's '70s Show Story Pays Off for '90s Show's Big Romance

That's 90s Show teases a big romance between Leia Forman and Jay, reminiscent of Donna and Casey Kelso's relationship on That's 70s Show.

Donna's dating Kathy Kelso on Season 4 of '70s Show fits perfectly with '90s Show's teenage romance. That '90s show featured Donna and Eric's daughter Leia Forman returning to Point Place to spend the summer with Red and Kitty. In addition to Donna and Eric's brief reunion with their old friends Kelso, Jackie, and Fez on That 90s Show, Leia will also befriend the Point Place teens who share a close bond with her parents. Not only is Leia's friend Gwen living in Donna's old bedroom, but Jackie and Michael's teenage son Jay Kelso will be more than just her friend this summer.

The Kelsos are arguably the most mysterious family on That '70s Show's Point Place, though only three members were actually seen in the original series. One of them is lead character Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), a pretty but not-so-bright playboy who gets along with Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis) - now his wife on The '90s Show - And Eric's sister Laurie Foreman dating show throughout the '70s. The other two Kelsos I've seen before are Michael's father and his older brother Kathy, a The charming but goofy ex-soldier who dated Donna and broke her heart in Season 4 of That 70s Show. The '90s Show brings another Kelso to the forefront, though Jay must overcome his reputation as a male family member.

Leia Forman & Jay Kelso’s Romance Calls Back To Donna Dating Kelso’s Brother

The trailer for The '90s Show reveals that the new Donna and Eric will be their daughters Leia and Michael, and Jackie's son Jay, who happens to be Kelso. While Donna and Eric may be happy that their daughter has found someone she truly likes, they're likely reluctant to accept that her new relationship is part of the Kelso family. Both Donna and Eric remember firsthand how badly Kathy Kelso (Luke Wilson) treated Donna on their date, and Michael Kelso has an even worse memory of cheating on Jackie with Laurie Foreman. Given Donna and Eric's family history with the Kelsoes, Jay has a big hurdle in trying to overcome Casey and Michael's reputations.

If the That '90s Show episode where Leia and Jay first dated was titled "Leia Dates a Kelso", this would tie directly to Donna and Casey's date in the That '70s Show episode "Donna", which would not Not surprisingly Date Kelso. "Donna and Kathy's storyline made Kelso dating look bad, but The '90s Show could easily have reversed the subplot of The '70s Show and made Jay a good boyfriend for Leia. Still, Leia and Jay dated It will inevitably bring up bad memories of dating Casey for Donna, so it will be difficult for Jay to gain approval from Leia's parents.

Leia Dating Jay Repeats Red’s Frustration With Laurie & Kelso

Jay and Leia's romance will not only pay off for Donna and Casey's storyline, but will also build on Red's love for Laurie Forman on top of the disappointment of dating Michael Kelso on That '70s Show. Kelso and Laurie slept for a while while Kelso and Jackie were dating, and Red Forman hated his daughter dating Kelso .Red knows all about Kelso's inappropriate behavior towards women, especially Laurie, so he wouldn't be happy that his granddaughter Leia is dating one of Michael Kelso's kids on The 90s Show. ^However , Leia is more Eric than Laurie, so Red should understand that she won't date a man who treats women like Michael Kelso did on That '70s Show. Red will definitely roll his eyes at another Kelso man who dates one of these women Among his family, but at least he can keep an eye on them in the Forman house.

That '70s show didn't do the Kelso family a good name, but Jay has the potential to change perceptions of that '90s show. Perhaps the hardest thing to change was Red's thinking, as he once asked Eric Kelso's parents if they were "as stupid as he was." Eric, Leia's father, responds in the affirmative, to which Red replies, "Correct answer. That's a tough question. I know they're stupid." Red won't be happy about having another Kelso boy in his basement every day, but The more time Jay spends with him on That 90s Show, the more he can change the perception of Kelsos' unintelligent womanizer.

Leia & Jay’s Romance Can Undo That ‘70s Show’s Kelso Family Reputation

Michael Kelso is unlikely to have matured significantly since The '70s Show ended, but being able to keep his job, raise Jay, and stay married to Jackie may have earned him more respect in Red's eyes. With Casey and Michael doing a lot to tarnish Kelso's reputation at Point Place, the stakes are high for Jay to get Donna and Eric's trust back into the role He wants to respect their daughter. Fifteen years later, "90s Show" might do the impossible by introducing a whole new concept that honors the Kelso boys.

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