Does M3GAN have an end credits scene?

M3GAN has the potential to be a new horror franchise, but does M3GAN have an end credits scene to tease a sequel to the killer robot story?

M3GAN has the potential to be a new horror franchise, but does M3GAN have a post-credits scene teasing a sequel? M3GAN, whose credits include James Wan and directed by Gerard Johnstone, combines comedy and horror in a way that embraces the absurdity of its premise and protagonists. The tone of M3GAN is exactly what the trailer promised, and the movie currently holds a whopping 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Whether the M3GAN robot will be the new Chucky doll is hard to tell, but the film's critical reception, combined with James Win's horror series track, suggests M3GAN will be a box office success. If so, then M3GAN 2 is on the table. As such, viewers might assume that M3GAN has a post-credits scene that hints at a sequel.

M3GAN Does Not Have A Post-Credits Scene

Despite the franchise potential of the new horror story produced by James Wan, M3GAN does not have an end credits scene. As such, viewers won't find the M3GAN sequel teased after the credits. That said, it's always a positive to stick around during the credits to appreciate the names of the cast and crew who worked so hard on this movie. at Marvel and The DCU made the post-credits scene seem crucial to teasing a sequel or a new character, and it's important to point out that M3GAN's lack of a post-credits scene doesn't mean M3GAN 2 won't happen. M3GAN 2 is already under discussion.

Why M3GAN Should've Had A Post-Credits Scene

Given the tone of the movie, the M3GAN end credits scene might work. M3GAN dolls are already considered the "new Chucky" and should not be the new Orphan or the new Jigsaw. Instead, M3GAN realizes its silliness, which adds to the experience and makes for a unique horror movie. So, in the context of M3GAN 2 being discussed, the M3GAN post-credits scene that hints at a sequel doesn't dilute the film at all. Admittedly, going from an intense horror thriller to an MCU-style post-credits scene that hints at a sequel doesn't work for every horror movie, but it does for M3GAN.

M3GAN There are many ways to introduce M3GAN 2, which is not the first time for a James Wan horror film. If sequels to horror movies a few years ago were often disappointing, James Wan's series has proved that the horror movie world can be as The MCU, though obviously on a different scale. The Conjuring Universe, for example, has grossed more than $2 billion. Of course, whether or not M3GAN 2 will show up depends on how M3GAN does at the box office, but M3GAN's end-credits scene could spark immediate interest in the sequel to the James Wan-produced film.

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