Death Stranding Has Hinted at Higgs' Return in DS2

Death Stranding 2 will bring back Troy Baker villain Higgs Monaghan, but the first game has already teased the antagonist's inevitable return.

While Death Stranding 2 appears to be poised to resurrect the first game's villain, Higgs Monaghan, the original Death Stranding has already teased the antagonist's return. Announced under the working title Death Stranding 2, the upcoming sequel will bring back the cast of stars from the first game, including Norman Reedus and Leah Seydoux. Troy Baker will also return as Higgs Monaghan, whose reappearance was previously teased in a strange Death Stranding quest chain.

In keeping with director Hideo Kojima's love of cinema and pop culture, every single actor in Death Stranding 2 thus far is an entertainment mogul. Returning cast members Norman Reedus and Leah Seydoux will be joined by newcomers Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna, but the return of Troy Baker may surprise some fans. The veteran voice actor played Higgs Monaghan, a terrorist who tried to prevent players from reconnecting to America in the first game. The villain is ultimately defeated by the heroic Sam Bridges in a boss fight, leaving the villain with the option of committing suicide or being forever stranded on a different beach.

Death Stranding Features Pizza Deliveries For Higgs

While Death Stranding strongly suggests that Higgs Monaghan committed suicide rather than being stranded on a beach, it does It was confirmed in the Death Stranding 2 trailer that Troy Baker will return as a villain in the sequel. However, this reappearance has actually been teased with a series of pizza delivery side quests that players can take on throughout the first game. These deliveries, which became increasingly long and complex, were requested by an avid fan named Peter Englert. However, after completing Chapter 10 and the Higgs boss fight, players will be able to enter Englert's underground bunker and discover his true identity as Higgs Monaghan.

Higgs Returns In The Death Stranding 2 Trailer

Death Stranding's pizza delivery missions may seem silly, but they end up teasing the return of Sam Bridges' greatest rival. The last email from Peter Englert, which also unlocked his bunker, was sent after Higgs was defeated on the beach. This either means that the villains of Death Stranding set up mail to be automatically sent to Sam upon his death, or that he managed to escape the beach and taunt his opponent one last time. Considering that Troy Baker has been confirmed to play Higgs in Death Stranding 2, it seems likely that he survived the classic island boss fight after being brutally taken down by Sam.

Although Higgs Monaghan was defeated by proper means The climactic boss battle in Death Stranding, the influential leader of the Homo Demens returns in the sequel. That might come as a surprise to some, but finishing the pizza delivery in the first game and discovering Peter Englert's true identity makes Higgs' return less of a shock. Troy Baker was a haunting villain in Death Stranding, and now Death Stranding 2 brings the iconic actor back with more Wicked gloat and possibly more pizza delivery.

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