DC's Silver Surfer cameo proves its cosmic connection to the MCU

Silver Surfer's DC cameo proves there is a connection between DC and the MCU (and he's not the only cosmic entity to make a connection).

Although DC and Marvel Comics may be two of the most competitive comic book franchises in history, their universes seem to share a secret cosmic connection - as evidenced by DC's Silver Surfer cameo.

The Silver Surfer is a hero in the Marvel Universe who was the forerunner of Galactus, the Eater of Worlds. Silver Surfer is on a mission to fly across the universe and find planets that Galactus can devour - an endless quest that has resulted in trillions of deaths during his tenure. Eventually, Silver Surfer left Galactus' side to become a hero of Earth alongside the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, and thanks to the Power Cosmic flowing through his veins, provided by his former master, Silver Surfer is a great asset — Now, it seems that Silver Surfer is becoming important not only on a cosmic level but also in a meta sense.

In Green Lantern/Superman: The Legend of the Green Flame (written by Neil Gaiman, Michael D. Allred, Terry Austin, Mark Buckingham, John Totburn, Matt Wagner, Eric Schoenor, Arthur Adams, Jim Aparrow, Kevin Nolan, and Jason Little), and Clark Kent reported for the Daily Planet on a new The museum opens, somehow housing valuables from all over the universe. When the museum was shown to have the Green Lantern power battery, it immediately became believable, suggesting that other items on display were equally authentic — including Silver Surfer's surfboard.

Silver Surfer’s Surfboard Appeared in DC, & the Justice League Seemingly Appeared in Marvel

This isn't the first time Marvel and DC have had a crossover in each other's official canon - nor is it the first time a cosmic entity has been involved. In Donny Cates and Nic Klein's Thor #2, Thor and Galactus Prepare for Black Winter - Black Winter Is an entity that devours the entire universe, much like Galactus devours planets. At the beginning of this issue, readers are shown a previous (or parallel) universe destroyed by Black Winter, which appears to be the DC Universe. The panel depicting this reality shows a red blur flying over what appears to be the Daily Planet's logo, and there are similar blurs in other panels -- the familiar red, a green, and a lightning bolt. Not only that, but in the narrative frame describing the horrors of Black Winter associated with this particular universe, these heroes or "gods" are Described as "God of the Sun. God of the Emerald Light. Perhaps the God of Darkness. The God of the Sea. The Speed. The Power. This universe, like many before it, is protected by an alliance of gods".

In Thor #2's doomed reality, the depiction of these dying heroes is a transcendent nod to the Justice League. That, plus the appearance of what appears to be the Silver Surfer's surfboard, suggests that - whether they exist in each other's past in some infinite loop, or in the same multiverse at the same time - DC and Marvel Comics universes are linked together on a cosmic level, even though the exact nature of that connection is currently unknown.

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