DC unveils Blue Beetle's big DCEU villain ahead of movie premiere

Blue Beetle will make his debut this summer, and now his movie nemesis has made his way into the DC Universe.

Warning: contains spoilers for Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #2!

In summer 2023, Blue Beetle will make his DCEU debut, and now his movie villain role has made its way to the comics. In Blue Beetle: Graduation Day 2, Jaime Reyes, the blue beetle, grounded by Earth's heroes and with nothing to do, meets his former mentor, Ted Cole. Ted Kord - the second Blue Beetle, and met Victoria Kord there, who would go on to be his nemesis in the live-action Blue Beetle movie.

Written in this issue by Josh Trujillo, illustrated by Adrian Gutierrez, colored by Wil Quintana, Lucas Gattoni (Lucas Gattoni) In this issue, Jamie is temporarily grounded by other heroes on Earth, and his parents have sent him to live with relatives in Pamela City for the summer. Jaime works an ordinary job in a restaurant and dreams of being a hero again. Kord Industries has corporate headquarters in Palmera, and Jaime decides to visit Ted. Jaime is attacked at Kolder headquarters by a mysterious assailant carrying a scarab of her own; Ted stops the fight, and after the attacker, Xiomara, is taken into custody, Ted introduces Jaime to his sister Victoria. Victoria is CEO of Kord Industries; she apologized to Jamie, saying She runs business and research, while Ted plays the hero role in Booster Gold. Victoria gave Jaime a presentation on Kord Industries, saying they open-sourced "alien-derived technology." James is taken aback by this, but both Victoria and Ted assure him that everything is fine.

Blue Beetle will make her live-action debut this summer, starring Xolo Mariduena. While exact details of the film's plot have been kept under wraps, it has been revealed that actress Susan Sarandon is playing a villain named Victoria Corder. Victoria was created specifically for the film, and now she's making her comics debut - but will she be the villain here too?

Is Victoria Kord A Hero? Or a Villain?

In her comic debut, Victoria Kord has a sense of uncertainty - is she the villain, or will she help Jaime? What is her end? Victoria is much more serious than her brother, and her comments about Blue Beetle "guyboy" Booster Gold suggest that she despises Ted's career choices; while this doesn't immediately characterize her as a villain, it still points to a rift between her and her brother. a key difference between. Her speech on the nature of Kord Industries caused some red Featuring Jaime's logo, the company experiments with alien technology. This puts Jaime back because his scarab is in the category of alien technology; does Victoria secretly want the scarab? James has doubts, but Ted tries to reassure him. Xiomara has her own scarab, a runaway scarab - is Victoria behind it? Does she have some sort of nefarious plan to take the scarab for herself? Did Ted hide something from the blue beetle?

However, the main question is: is Victoria really going to be a villain? She's been described as the film's villain, but will that carry over to the comics as well? Or did the creators subvert fan expectations and Victoria would really be the hero? Victoria Kord's uncertainty at this point will be resolved in "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day" and his upcoming film. The Blue Beetle's movie nemesis has entered the DC Universe and will have a huge impact on the Beetle and other heroes.

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