Chris Pratt's New Year's Mustache Gives Fans a Mario Vibe

Chris Pratt's New Year's mustache look gave fans major Mario vibes ahead of the actor's debut as the plumber in the Super Mario Bros. movie.

With just a few months left until his arrival as an Italian plumber, Chris Pratt's New Year's mustache look has fans getting into the vibe of the Super Mario Bros. movie. Pratt is leading the cast of the upcoming animated film, though many video game fans will be pleased by his apparent lack of Italian ancestry, and the film's footage sounds nothing like that of Mario's longtime voice actor Charles Martinet. Iconic voice work. While it's unclear how Pratt's Mario voice will hold up, he may have another way to win the hearts of Nintendo fans, leading to the release of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

To celebrate the New Year, Chris Pratt shared a photo on his Twitter of him and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger celebrating, including showing off his "new haircut". Many fans then responded to the post, pointing out comparisons between his facial hair and that of the eponymous hero in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. Check out Pratt's new look below:

Everything We Know About The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Pratt plays the iconic Nintendo hero in the animated Super Mario Bros., as he and his brother Charlie Day's Luigi are whisked away The world of Mushroom Kingdom is threatened by the mighty King Bowser. To save his brother and protect the world, Mario will have to team up with the likes of Princess Peach, Toad and the Kong family to stop Bowser from conquering power. The Super Mario Bros. movie will see the eponymous hero and his friends venture into various worlds inspired by the various Nintendo games the movie is based on, including Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

Pratt won't be the only A-list actor in the Super Mario Bros. movie roster, as Queen's Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy voices Peaches, Day voices Luigi, Jack Black voices Bowser, Keegan -Michael Kay is voicing Toad and Seth Rogen is voicing Donkey Kong. Even the supporting cast list is full of fan-favorite names, with Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen as Grumpy King Kong, stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike, The Walking Dead vet Cary Peyton voices the Penguin King. Iconic video game actor Charles Martinez will also be part of Super Mario Billed as a "surprise cameo" in the sibling movie, fans speculate it could be Wario and Waluigi, since he also voices the duo in the video game.

Although much of the film's development was filled with anticipation due to Pratt's casting, there have been positive developments in recent months since the trailer for the second and final Super Mario Bros. movie Rising trend, its source material is stuffed with Easter eggs. From Mario Kart's Rainbow Road map to a gladiator stadium based on the original Donkey Kong game, as well as Tanooki suits and spark power-ups, recreate the Mali The game's ever-expanding world efforts have many hoping for another successful video game adaptation following the hit "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie. Only time will tell when the Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters on April 7.

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