Chainsaw just introduced a demon fans beg to see

The Saw manga finally introduces one of the most talked about demons in the series, Death Demon, who may be the most powerful demon of them all.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #115 of Chainsaw Man

^ The Chainsaw comic neatly introduces one of the most talked about demons in the series: the Death Demon. Although not yet fully revealed, the Death Demon is one of the most powerful demons, as it embodies perhaps the greatest fear of mankind. The mysterious figure was supposed to be a member of the Four Horsemen, but it may have played a bigger role in the series.

In Chainsaw Man, devils are creatures that embody human fears and are sustained by humans. Each demon is unique and embodies a different philosophy: the more afraid humans are, the stronger the demons become. The series' protagonist, Chainsaw Man, is an exception, as he's actually what devils fear most, which makes Sawman incredibly powerful. The Chainsaw Man fought and slew many demons, including the Four Horsemen, a particularly powerful group based on the Christian theology of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Control, Famine, War, and Death. Of these, three have been introduced so far, and death has still not appeared.

In Chapter 115 of Chainsaw Man, Denji and Asa (who War Devil) and a group of students from their school are trapped in Eternity Devil by famine, which is essentially a maze from which there is no escape. After receiving an order from a mysterious organization, Yoshida Hirobumi, a senior public security demon hunter who pretended to be a student of Chuanzhi School to protect Chuanzhi, approached Chuanzhi. Yoshida admits that even he himself doesn't know how to escape the Eternal Demon, and this time he has made peace with death. Immediately afterwards, Yoshida asked Den Er if the Chainsaw Man would eat the Grim Reaper for them.

This simple line actually has enormous meaning. When Chainsaw Man ate the Demon, he completely wiped it and its memory from existence. This happened to things like Nazis or nukes, which are no more in the world of Chainsaw Man (only a few powerful demons like Control and War remember them). Perhaps Yoshida is implying that if the chainsaw man eats the god of death completely, then death itself has no concept, and their lives will be saved. However, death demons can be more powerful than their knight companions. When they are trapped in hell, Denji and The rest of Division 4 briefly encounters the Darkness Devil, the most powerful character ever seen in the series. As primal fears, Dark Demons embody a subconscious, natural human fear, but so should Death Demons. After all, what humans are born to fear most should be death, and the strength of death demons should be very powerful.

The Death Devil Could Be Chainsaw Man's Strongest Villain

Yoshida is a very mysterious figure who apparently knows more than he lets on. Therefore, his reference to the death demon must not have been random. Even though it has been said in the series that the Chainsaw Man had previously fought and defeated all the Four Horsemen, the Death Devil mentioned in Chapter 115 of the Chainsaw Man implies that this creature will appear soon, and it Possibly the strongest enemy Denji has ever encountered.

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The latest chapters of Chainsaw are available from Viz Media.

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