BOTW: How many hearts do you need to get the Master Sword

The legendary Master Sword was covered by Breath of the Wild for being unbroken. But how many Heart Containers does Link need to finally get it?

The Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be found very early on in a player's gameplay, even if they don't have enough hearts to actually acquire it. All weapons have durability until they break, allowing players to acquire new tools to protect themselves. However, the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild is much sought after for breaking this rule, recharging after damage. Players can only pull the Master Sword in BOTW after obtaining a total of 13 complete Heart Containers.

To find the Master Sword in BOTW, the player must travel to the heart of the Lost Forest. Here, the Master Sword sits on a pedestal, waiting for Link to use it again. Players can try to draw the main sword immediately, but it will start draining their health, and pulling the main sword can almost kill Link if he hasn't collected enough hearts yet.

Normal Ways to Get Hearts for the Master Sword

BOTW Defeating mythical beasts and completing altars are the main ways to get extra heart containers. Players can also trade stamina by talking to suspicious statues in the suburbs and vice versa Hatnow village. The Shrine Challenge rewards Link with a Spirit Orb, four of which can be given to the Goddess Statue to augment Link's Heart Container or Stamina Wheel.

Players start with three hearts and must earn an additional 10 hearts to draw the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild. When Link's health is full, the weapon fires a beam instead of being thrown, and has 30 Attack (improved to 60 when fighting Calamity enemies). Players cannot drop this weapon, but Clan Iga can steal the Master Sword from Link. Unfortunately, BOTW's Master Sword loses some value compared to past iterations, as players can actually defeat Calamity Ganon without using a weapon.

Heart Glitches to Get the Master Sword Early

There are also several different ways players can exploit the glitch in Breath of the Wild to gain early access to the Master Sword. For those who don't want to take the time to collect enough hearts to get the Master Sword, you can always go to the Lost Forest and start a bonfire as close to the sword as possible to get it. By interacting with fire while looking in a specific direction, Link has A chance to get the master sword early without draining his mind. Check out this method in full in the YouTube video from Limcube below:

There is also a way to trick the horned statue in Hateno village into giving Link an infinite amount of hearts and stamina, which will allow him to easily obtain the Master Sword. To perform BOTW's Heartbeat Glitch, players should follow the steps outlined in the 100% Zelda video below:

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