Blue Lock's Anime Announces Part 2 Return Date

While the World Cup may be over, fans of Yoichi Isagi will rejoice as the brutal football drama returns in early January.

Warning: This contains SPOILERS for Blue Lock Season One

The second part of the first season of hit anime Blue Lock will premiere this month after a short holiday hiatus. Judging by the popularity of the series since its premiere, the second installment is expected to be even more successful.

According to the official Blue Lock website, the new season will premiere on Saturday, January 7, 2023. The last time fans saw the series, Yoichi joined the Blue Lock Project, steadily rising from No. Fight against AI-generated enemies that he must defeat on his own. This requires him to not only improve his tactical thinking, but also his physical ability. While success proved to be an easy feat, as the season came to an end, viewers learned that Yoichi not only succeeded in his challenge, but rose to No. 15 in the rankings.

Based on the original work by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, the Blue Lock manga is an anime by Tetsuaki Watanabe, which premiered in October 2022 and quickly became one of the fall's most popular anime. Blue Lock adjusted A traditional "coming of age" sports anime storyline, giving it super strong attributes. Players are portrayed not just as boys playing soccer, but as elite humans with god-level skills. These characters are portrayed as if they were superheroes. The anime immediately appealed to sports anime fans, superhero anime fans, and fans simply looking for good anime.

What To Expect From Blue Lock's Second Part

While there's no word yet on what the new season will contain, manga fans know that despite his growing skills and stature, life in the Blue Lock's brutal sports system isn't getting any easier for Yoichi. The next series will find Yoichi, Bachira, and Nagi challenging Rin Itoshi's team to see who can win and pick another player as they progress to the next stage. Yoichi will face his toughest challenge yet in this regard, as Rin's team is currently in the top three in the Blue Lock Project. Rin, in particular, poses a huge challenge to Yoichi's quest to be the best, as he focuses on outdoing his brother, strengthening his already dominant skillset.

The new season should be better than the first. except for the continuation of the story Beyond Yu Yi's growth, the trials and tribulations of the other players, including Rin, Bachina, Nagi, Aoshi, and Aryu, should be explored in greater depth. As the project continues to pick the best from the rest, viewers will likely see and read better projects. Blue Lock's second installment will also get a new anime opening theme song by musical group ASH DA HERO, titled "Judgment."

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