Beyond Superman, Arrow is DC's Most Inspiring Hero

Superman is often seen as the greatest hope in the DC universe, but Arrow has proven to be an even more inspirational figure.

Most people think of the paragon of hope in the DC universe as either Batman or Superman, but avid comic book readers have long known that DC's most truly inspiring hero is actually Arrow.

Batman fights crime to prevent any family from experiencing the loss he suffered as a child. While Bruce Wayne goes to great lengths to avoid the Batman spotlight, there's no denying that Batman represents hope, and he always has been. Superman is also often touted as DC's greatest symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. However, while Arrow may be scarier than Batman, he's also DC's greatest beacon of hope.

In Judd Winick, Ron Garney and Bill Reinhold's 2005 comic Arrow #57, readers see three villains team up against Arrow with the goal of destroying him once and for all. These villains include Dr. Light, Deathstroke and Malcolm Merlyn. It's a deadly bunch of villains, and despite how powerful Green Arrow actually is, he can't defeat them. They destroyed his city and nearly killed Green Arrow, but Oliver still A chance to ask about their motives before he falls unconscious from his injuries. Malcolm perfectly explains what makes Arrow such a source of hope for ordinary people. He said Oliver's behavior was admirable. "You didn't use the supernatural abilities that many of your cohorts had - but you always managed to stop the actions of those you considered 'villains.'" he continued, "which made you dangerous. A symbol of anyone Anyone can fight this war if he manages to find the will to do so." While Batman is definitely a symbol of hope for the people of Gotham, he does his best to stay in the dark. Superman, on the other hand, is a public figure, but he possesses powers far beyond ordinary people. Arrow is right in the middle - he's a public figure and has no power.

Green Arrow Is DC's True Symbol Of Hope

Oliver Queen was a man who went out of his way to make his city and world a better place, and he did so openly, both as a superhero and as a commoner. Bruce Wayne donates large sum of money to help Gotham is better. He also fosters the idea that Batman isn't just human, that he's a myth or an outright monster. Clark Kent tried his best to improve the world through reporting, but as Superman, while his heroics are well-known, he wields strength that ordinary people cannot match. That's what makes Arrow the perfect inspiration: Everyone knows he's just a guy with a bow, but he's still fighting monsters, demons, and even aliens.

Batman and Superman are two of the greatest heroes in the entire DC universe, and they have saved the planet more times than can be counted, but when it comes to who is the true symbol of hope, the only answer is Arrow.

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