Best Marvel Funko Pop Sets, Ranked (Updated 2023)

Let's collect. Have fun and add value to your collection with the world's best Marvel Funko Pop set!

We love superheroes for many reasons, from classic lightsaber-wielding Star Wars heroes to James Bond on top-secret missions to modern comic book superheroes. They stand on the side of good over evil. We watch them live out our fantasies, overcome obstacles, and use their legendary powers to fight lawlessness, save lives, and stand against evil. And don't forget - they're also attractive, exciting, and in great physical shape. That's why the biggest-grossing movies and latest hits of our time come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. By rounding up the best Marvel Funko Pop sets, we can bring some Marvel magic home.

It's true that these versions of our favorite heroes have big heads - like, literal big heads, not just big egos - but that makes more of them endearing. Marvel Funko Pops are stylized figures with large bobbleheads for added action and movement. They faithfully represent our favorite Marvel superheroes with exquisite detail, making each a work of art—with vinyl bobbleheads as an unlikely medium for sculpting. From the Crease of a Micro Pants to the Ponytail Flying behind the heroes in action Part of the joy of seeing each new collectible Funko Pop is examining it to find all the little personalized details that capture the unique spirit of a superhero. This is especially interesting for exclusive or timed sets, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Funko Pop set, which sees every major character in the series, except Gamora, wearing Christmas gear, which is similar to The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

The Best Marvel Funko Pop set is the perfect way to start a Pop series or add key pieces to a series already in the works. They're also a great way for Marvel fans to capture the magic of Marvel's superheroes and bring it home. If you're looking for some new Pops to put your Marvel collection front and center, this listing is the place to start! You'll find no better Marvel Funko Pop than the ones featured here!

Not only are Funko Pops fun to collect and display, but we're doubly grateful when they're the best Marvel Funko Pop set as much as possible. Plus, they end up being some of the most rare and valuable collectibles. While all Funko Pops are cute, dainty, and addicting fun to find, sell, buy, and trade, Funko Pops representing stylized versions of our favorite movie and comic book heroes add Marvel magic to make them even more appealing force.

So before you start your collection, buying a Marvel Funko Pop set as a gift, or adding some to your existing inventory of Pop Pops, helps to know exactly what collectors are looking for when choosing the best Pops thing.

Distinctive Details

Unlike regular action figures, Funko Pops come with very detailed parts, parts and paintings, with added symbols of the heroes Pop portrays. Collectors love to look for the little details that show Funko's creative artists really understand who their Pops represent. The intricate details of the outfits they wear, the weapons they carry, and even their hairstyles are some of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets, and Funko Pops overall are... well, "amazing." When Pop's sculpted vinyl hair flies in the right direction, the character Captured in mid-kick, you know the time and effort was spent creating something that wasn't just a bobblehead but more like a pop style portrait. It is these details that make collectors stand out.

Special Editions, Limited Editions, and Exclusives

Part of the fun of collecting Funko Pops is finding special features that ultimately increase the value of the Pop. While Funko Pop! is producing limited quantities of the best Marvel Funko Pop sets and other fun Funko Pops, it will almost certainly become a valuable collectible once they stop making them. That's why adding special editions, limited editions, and Pops with exclusive availability aren't just fun additions to collections or displays; they're potential investments, too. Take the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special 5-Pack for example. Each figurine in this set is themed on a unique holiday, with each Guardians of the Galaxy character dressed in holiday attire and holding holiday gifts such as presents and ornaments. ^Funko Pop fans also love these Pops with extra exciting features, such as glow-in-the-dark parts or designed to glow neon colors when lit with a black light. and some collectibles Pops are sold as game pieces with Marvel strategy games to make them even more fun.

Exciting Extras in the Best Marvel Funko Pop Sets

Some other exciting extras include sets that include companions like Thor's goat in Thor: Love and Thunder, or Kate Bishop's one-eyed dog.

For example, even the Iron Spider Funko Pop has some neat details. That said, in addition to the Stark techno aesthetic, the Iron Spider FUnko Pop can be seen holding the Nano Gauntlet - the device used to reverse the effects of Thanos' brutal final scene in Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, this is a small detail in nature, but, for collector's purposes and for the purposes of being a fan, it's very welcome.

Finally, while we all love Funko Pops for their big, stylized heads, only two lines of Pops have bobbleheads -- the heads rest on springs so they can move, bob, and wiggle. Only Marvel and Star Wars Funko Pops have bobbleheads, which makes them extra special for Funko fans.

Marvel Pops Don’t Just Have Big Heads, They Have Bobbleheads!

The best Marvel Funko Pop set offers what we love about all things Funko. Between the incredible detail of the figurines and some of the peripheral items that come with the Funko set, the Marvel Funko Pop set is some of the Most typical around.

Marvel Funko Pop sets are one thing, but what about Marvel Funko Pops? Sometimes these things can be harder to track down in nature because they're individually packaged, which means there's some rarity out there. This will include one of the rarest Funko Pops, the Platinum Metallic Stan Lee Funko Pop.


1. Funko Pop! Marvel Monster Hunters Set of 5

As the Funko library continues to grow, it's worth asking how many Funkos there are in total. Answer? There are currently over 1,200 types of Marvel Funkos in existence.

2. Funko Pop! Marvel: Wandavision Halloween Billy and Tommy

The short answer is "yes". Since the Funko box is almost as iconic as the actual figurine, you might as well keep the box around, especially if you misplace it or throw it away, the value of the figurine can completely depreciate over time.

3. Funko Pop! Marvel Hawkeye Kate Bishop with Lucky the Pizza Dog

With the exception of Funko bobbleheads and flocked figurines, Funko can be submerged in water with little damage. Putting them in water is discouraged, but you don't have to worry if you do with any given Funko.

4. Pop Marvel: Marvel Classic 4PK

Funko Pops will only fade over time because, like most things, it will be exposed to UV rays. even Exposure to artificial light can cause some bleaching effects, so to take good care of your Funkos, make sure to keep them out of light at every opportunity.

5. Pop! Blacklight: Marvel 4 Pack

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