Bachelor Season 27 cast revealed: Meet Zach Shallcross' 30 suitors

Season 27 of The Bachelor begins on January 23. ABC has released cast and biographical information for 30 potential suitors for Zach Shallcross.

When The Bachelor season 27 returns to the network on Jan. 23, ABC revealed the 30 women vying for Zach Shallcross' heart. America first got to know Zach when he was on season 19 of The Bachelorette, which featured dual leads, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. Zach announced his intentions for Rachel and arrived at the Fantasy Suites a week before he decided to self-eliminate. The 26-year-old tech executive from Southern California has been cast as the lead on season 27 of The Bachelorette, which was announced during the Bachelorette's "After the Last Rose" special. Shortly after the announcement, Zach met five women vying for his heart in front of the "After the Last Rose" live audience.

Now the full cast of The Bachelor season 27 has been revealed, Variety reports. ABC has released photos and biographies of the other 25 women Zac has appeared on this season. The cast ranges in age from 23 to 30 and includes women from across the United States as well as a contestant from Vienna, Austria. Women's careers also vary, including some unique ones that haven't been seen in The Bachelor series before. One such example is Brooklyn, a 25-year-old rodeo performer Racer from Oklahoma. The Bachelor season 27 cast may also feature the most nurses ever in a single season: Kaitlyn, an emergency room nurse; Genevie, a newborn nurse; and Kylee, a postpartum nurse. Recruiters, marketing managers and financial advisors also round out the ladies of The Bachelor season 27.

Jesse Palmer Says Bachelor Season 27 Is 'Most Romantic Season'

Other cast members for Bachelor season 27 include Aly (26), Anastasia (30), Ariel (28), Bailey (27), Becca (25), Brianna (24), Cara (27), Cat (26), Charity (26), Christina (26), Daviah (25), Gabby (25), Greer (24), Holland (24), Jessica (23), Catherine (26), Kimberly (30), Lycra (29), Madison (26), Mercedes (24), Olivia L. (24), Olivia M. (25), Sonia (29), Van Nissa (23), Victoria J. (30) and Victoria E. (29). A preview buzz and banter from host Jessie Palmer reveals that Zach has found love in this impressive group of women. "I would say this is the most romantic and emotional season of any show I've been on since coming back and hosting," Jesse revealed to Us Weekly. "I think it's really all about the love story and the romance, not the drama."

Zach as The Bachelor lead is a Highly controversial and discussed topic. Bachelor Nation asked for a recast because they wanted to see others like Rodney Matthews and Ethan Kang in lead roles. Zach's mature demeanor didn't appeal to fans accustomed to chaos and drama. However, a season that focuses more on love than cat drama and drama might actually breathe new life into The Bachelor.

The Bachelor's success rate was very low, especially compared to spinoffs Bachelor In Paradise and The Bachelorette. A decisive and emotionally mature Bachelor could remind fans of what they fell in love with the series in the first place. Fan expectations and morale were low for Zach before the premiere; however, the situation was reminiscent of when Hannah Brown was announced as The Bachelorette. Despite an initial lack of confidence from fans, Hannah's season was arguably one of the best. Bachelor Nation shouldn't have left Zach out.

The Bachelor season 27 premieres January 23 at 8 p.m. ABC EST.

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