Avatar: Way of Water 1 Important Neytiri Storyline Is Overlooked

Avatar: Way of the Water sees Jake Sully and his family find refuge in a new clan and learn their ways, but an important story has been forgotten.

After Jack Sully and his family found refuge with a new clan in Avatar: Way of Water, an important aspect of their story was completely forgotten. The sequel to 2009's Avatar picks up more than a decade after the original film, with Jack (Sam Worthington) fully integrated into the Omatiyaya tribe of the Na'vi on Pandora, but when humans return and wreak havoc again , their peace was broken. To protect their family, Jack, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and their children leave their home and find themselves seeking refuge with the Metkayina, a tribe of Na'vi people who live on the reef, and learn the ways of the water.

It has been known for years that James Cameron would use Avatar: Way of Water to explore the oceans of Pandora, transferring established characters to an entirely new setting and introducing an entirely new way of life. It's reminiscent of Jack's integration into Na'vi life in "Avatar," as viewers experience his learning curve from the perspective of someone entering the world, with no preconceived idea of ​​what it will involve. However, an important storyline seems to have been forgotten in this migration from the forest to the sea, which could have been far Especially more influential on one character.

Avatar 2 Didn’t Show Neytiri Learning The Metkayina’s Ways

While every member of the Sully family is shown to be learning the ways of Metkayina, Neytiri gets little screen time during his stay at Reef Village, a huge opportunity for Avatar: Way of Water. Tonovari (Cliff Curtis), the leader of Metkayina, teaches Jack to ride the warrior mount Ilu, while his and Ronal's (Kate Winslet) children teach Jack and Neytiri's children how to swim in the water. Breathe and move effectively. Neytiri's entire family is shown learning the ways of their new clan, but she's largely absent in these scenes.

Sadly missed the scene where Neytiri learns the new way of life, as she was Jack's teacher in Avatar, so it would be nice to see her as a student in Way of Water. She's likely to be omitted from these moments to save room for the proper introduction of new, younger characters who will play major roles in the upcoming Avatar sequels. However, showing Neytiri's journey from teacher to student would be a good way to show How isolated they have become in the war against RDA.

Neytiri Will Have A Larger Role In The Avatar Sequels

Viewers should not be disappointed by Neytiri's lack of screen time in Avatar: Way of Water, as she has been slated to play larger roles in the three upcoming sequels. It was recently teased that Avatar 5 will have Neytiri open her eyes to see what's happening on Earth, suggesting a sequel could see the Na'vi travel across the stars. If that's the case, Neytiri's diminished role in Way of the Water is just preparing for something bigger.

"Ways of Water" hints at a terrifying new storyline for Neytiri, as she transforms into a brutal, bestial creature in the third act before her son Netyam (Jamie Flatters). ) to fight Quaritch and the reorganized soldiers after his death. She is willing to sacrifice Spider-Man (Jack Champion), and it will also become a key plot of the follow-up Avatar movie. So while Neytiri may not be the focus of Avatar: Way of Water, her story is far from over.

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