Alien Resurrection's Forgotten Sequel Is the Series' Darkest Story

While every installment in the "Alien" series has been extremely dark and twisted, the storylines following "Alien Resurrection" are some of the darkest.

The fourth film in the Alien saga, Alien Resurrection, is believed to be the last in the series (chronologically), and though unbeknownst to many fans, the sequel to this story has been completely forgotten -- and is The darkest of them all is the Alien story.

Alien Resurrection is set 200 years after the events of Alien 3, making it the most prominent alien in the series - and more than one. While the first three installments of the Alien saga followed a fairly continuous sequence of events, the protagonist was the series' main character, Ellen Ripley - from her first contact with the alien, to her conquest of the alien, to her being captured by the alien. The Killing - The Alien's Resurrection takes the series in a shocking new direction. The film introduces not only the concepts of cloning, gene splicing, and general genetic manipulation by Ellen Ripley (reborn as the Superman clone Ripley8), but also the concept of Xenomorphs themselves. Every alien creature in this movie is a clone of the creature Ripley had on his chest from Alien 3, making them nothing more than copies of the original monster. This turns the Xenomorphs into some sort of "Frankenstein's monster", which only accentuates the overall theme Humans are the true monster franchise. While the film is a dark addition to the franchise, it at least ends on a hopeful note, with Ripley8 and her found family back on Earth seemingly paving a new life for themselves - but the sequel shatters those hopes completely .

In Mark Schultz and Mel Ruby's four-part miniseries Alien vs. Predator vs. Terminator, readers are almost immediately thrown into a world following the events of the Alien Resurrection. The earth is a dilapidated cesspool of dilapidated infrastructure and poverty, and Ripley8 is homeless and alone. In the opening pages, however, it's revealed that one of Ripley8's friends in the film, a synth named Call, is looking for her because the revolutionary robot has a mission that only Ripley8 can accomplish. According to Call, there is a space station that is conducting experiments similar to creating Ripley8, and they also have Xenomorph DNA. When Ripley8 finally agrees to help, their team infiltrates the space station and discovers what's going on, and they learn that they have to fight not only Xenomorphs and mad human scientists, but Predators and Terminators as well.

Alien Resurrection’s Sequel Increases the Threat Level Exponentially

Not only did the series drain what little hope was left after the most disturbing film in the franchise by leaving Ripley8 alone, showing the world the dire condition and revealing that they've stopped humanity from experimenting with Xenomorphs since last time . The story makes no sense, but this sequel also includes a Predator and a Terminator. The established desperation is enough to make this sequel the darkest in the series, but the fact that the protagonists must deal with aliens, predators, and terminators as they navigate this hopeless world only makes it worse.

Also, Xenomorphs, Predators, and Terminators are nearly impossible to kill and always take heavy casualties in each installment of their respective franchises, so the alien resurrected heroes have to deal with all three in one world A place where Questions is hardly worth living is not only depressing, but also very dark—perhaps, even the darkest story in the Alien saga.

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