Alice in Borderlands Season 3 News and Updates: Everything We Know

With most of the storylines wrapped up, here's what we know about season 3 of Netflix's Alice in the Borderlands, following season 2's shocking finale.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Alice in Borderland season 2 as well as the Alice in Borderland manga.

^ Borderlands' Alice season 2 gave viewers most of the answers they wanted, but it also opened the door for a potential Borderlands season 3 of Alice. As Arisu and others imagine, beating all of Alice's Face Card games in Borderlands is the key to getting more answers about that world. Alice's Borderlands season 2 finale saw the protagonist wake up in the real world, a shocking revelation that ended the show.

The Borderlands' Alice season 2 finale was very faithful to the original manga, also ending with Arisu and the others waking up from the real world after a minute of heart stop. Alice's events in Borderlands are a near-death experience, a Matrix-like simulation-like state between life and death. As most of the storylines end.

As of now, Alice's Borderlands season 3 has not been confirmed by Netflix. This doesn't necessarily mean Borderlands Alice is cancelled, just that Netflix hasn't announced whether the show will return for another season. That being said, Netflix's Alice in the Borderlands has now covered everything from the original Alice Borderland comics, albeit with some differences. So, if Alice in Borderlands 3 doesn't happen, audiences can rest assured that Arisu and Usagi's story is done -- at least in terms of the manga. However, if Season 3 of Borderlands Alice does happen, the Netflix show will no longer be adapting the comics.

Will There Be An Alice In Borderland Season 3?

Considering that Alice's Borderlands Season 2 ending is very similar to the Alice's Borderlands comic ending, Alice's Borderlands Season 3 only has two options for how to continue the story. One is an adaptation of the Borderlands Alice Retries comic, which takes place a few years after the events of Borderlands Alice and sees Yuzu return to the Borderlands. Another option is to create an original story for Arisu from where Borderlands' Alice season 2 ended. However, this would mean a major deviation from the original Alice in the Borderlands comics.

While the Borderlands Alice season 2 finale was very close to the comic's ending, the episode teased a potential new villain that could be in the Borderlands season 3 story. In Alice's Borderlands battle royale game, the joker card game never appeared established. In the comics, the clown represents the ferryman and is responsible for bringing Arisu and others back to the real world. However, Season 2 of Netflix's Borderlands Alice ended with sinister footage of the Joker card in the real world. As such, a potential Alice in Borderlands season 2 could feature the original Joker Solitaire storyline.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Story: What Season 2 Sets Up

Those who watched Alice after Borderlands Season 1 was released will have to wait two years to find out how Arisu's story will continue, as Borderlands' Alice Season 2 premieres on Netflix in December 2022 reflect. Borderlands' Alice has yet to be renewed or canceled by Netflix, which means it will be a while before the potential Alice in Season 3 begins filming. In this case, a solid prediction for the release date of Borderlands Alice season 3 is December 2024 (if it happens). If Netflix isn't renewing Borderlands Alice for season 3, at least the show has adapted the entire comic.

Alice In Borderland Season 3 Release Date Prediction

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