Aaron Taylor-Johnson's vital James Bond quality could build its best future

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the new frontrunner for Bond 26's 007, and the kick-ass star has the quality the next James Bond needs to bring back.

The news that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the new Bond 26 frontrunner is good news for anyone who missed the comedic side of the James Bond series. The James Bond films have undergone numerous tonal shifts throughout the series. When Roger Moore took over from Sean Connery, he took 007 in a broader, sillier, more explicit comic direction than his predecessor, while Timothy Dalton brought the character back to a more down-to-earth , more serious places.

While Daniel Craig's James Bond is by far the grittiest, least fun incarnation of the character, the next 007 actor would do well to reverse the move to ensure the franchise's tone remains unchanged too predictable. To that end, it's encouraging news to hear that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has had a very successful meeting with the producers of the James Bond franchise. Tyler-Johnson has been a successful comedic action star, and after Craig's brooding days made the 007 series darker and more toned than the movies before his debut, Bond can do just that.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Comedy Action Movie Pedigree Would Be Good For Bond

The Kick-Ass franchise, the bullet train, and even the Marvel movies have proven that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a man who can Balanced punches and punchlines. Now that Daniel Craig has left the series, Bond 26 needs to be funny, and Taylor-Johnson has proven time and time again that he can laugh at himself while still being convincing as an action star . It's a tricky balance for any actor, and Tyler-Johnson is lucky because he's a perfect fit for Bond in terms of age and looks. While Ryan Gosling has shown impressive comedic talent over the years, he doesn't necessarily have the convincing English accent required for the role.

Likewise, while Regé-Jean Page has proven his smoldering sex appeal, the young star doesn't have much experience as an action leading man, nor does he have much opportunity to show off his comedic timing. Meanwhile, former Bond frontrunner Tom Hardy has Taylor-Johnson's combination of performance, action-movie sincerity and charismatic humor, but the actor's star power works against him. At just 32 years old, Taylor-Johnson has been an impressive comedic action star for years, but hasn't headlined many blockbusters. Hardy has already starred in two major franchises, and when franchise producers said they wanted The next 007 actor is at least a decade of commitment.

Why Bond 26’s New 007 Needs A Sense of Humor

James Bond needs to rediscover his sense of humor so the new Bond films can fit into the tone of the modern blockbuster. When Craig's brutal Bond debut, Casino Royale, hit theaters, its bleak tone suited the post-9/11 blockbuster milieu. However, blockbusters (especially action/spy thrillers) have become more interesting and self-aware in the decades following Craig's tenure as 007, and to compete with the likes of The Fast and the Furious, Bond 26 needs to have an interesting prospects. So Bond 26's new James Bond needs to be able to both laugh and kick ass, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson has proven he can do just that.

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