90 Day Fiancé: Times Veronica Takes Fashion Risks After She Loses Weight

90 Day Fiancé franchise celebrity Veronica Rodriguez isn't exactly a famous fashionista, but she's managed some stylish looks after losing weight.

90 Day Fiancé franchise star Veronica Rodriguez has sported plenty of impressive and adventurous looks since transforming her body. The 37-year-old reality star made her first appearance on the show alongside her best friend Tim Malcolm. Recently, she became popular for her role in "Single Post-90s", showing fans a brand new personality. Not only that, single mothers also revealed that they worked hard to lose weight.

Veronica's weight loss journey began a few months ago when she started practicing yoga. Soon after, she started doing cardio to tone her body. To stay in shape, the star of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has also turned to nutrition. She eats a lot of lean protein and makes healthier food choices. Despite a few injuries limiting her workouts, she hasn't given up on reworking her body; in fact, she's getting back on track pretty quickly. While Veronica didn't disclose how many pounds she's lost, it's clear that her figure has completely transformed when she puts on her activewear.

Veronica Rodriguez Tries A Floral Outfit

In addition to changing her appearance, Veronica also completely changed her fashion sense. She took a few fashion opportunities, most of which Positive reviews from her followers. Veronica poses next to her daughter in sporty floral leggings in October 2022. The TLC star topped off her look with a pink cardigan; she really loves the floral look, which isn't easy to achieve. Fans of the 90 Day Fiancé are full of praise for her looking younger than her age. "You're so beautiful!" wrote one Instagram user, while another commented, "Beautiful beauty".

Veronica Rodriguez Looks Stylish In A Monochrome Look

Veronica took another fashion adventure in May 2022, when she shared photos showing off her long, toned legs. In the photo, the 90 Day Fiancé star tries out a monochrome look, wearing a bright orange top and pale orange shorts. She was carrying a cherry red purse which only added to her chic style. While this monochrome combination rarely works, the North Carolina native pulls it off with ease. She got many sweet compliments for her outfit. Fans left messages: "You are so beautiful! It's time for Tim to think about it!", "You are so beautiful, your smile will light up the whole place".

Veronica Rodriguez Pulls Off A Cowgirl Look

In April 2022, Veronica posted a photo of herself on Instagram, which became the new fashion statement. post showing her wearing Forest green long T-shirt and shorts. She completed her "elegant" cowgirl look with brown knee-high boots. Despite the odd color combination and attempting a style that usually looks great on young adults, Veronica pulls it off well. Fans applauded her confidence and cheered her for looking youthful. "You're all the cutest 90 Days characters!" wrote one Instagram user, while another chimed in, "You're so cute and funny." 90 Day Fiancé viewers can look forward to seeing more of Veronica's stylish outfits in 2023 .

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