90 Day Fiancé: Everything We Know About Shaeeda's Yoga Class of 2023

90 Day Fiancé cast member Shaeeda Sween will find a whole new job in 2023 to make a living after admitting that Bilal Hazziez controls her money.

Shaeeda Sween from 90 Day Fiancé told Yara Zaya during Tell-All that she needed to ask Bilal Hazziez for money, but in 2023, the yoga expert finally launched her business. The 37-year-old Trinidadian made her debut on season 9 of 90 Day Fiancé, where she married her American boyfriend from Kansas City. Shaeeda and Bilal take the time to trust each other, Bilal is criticized for being controlling and his wife is praised online. On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In the seventh season, Shaeeda has always wanted to have a child and made demands in her relationship.

According to her conversation with Yara in Happily Ever After Tell-All Part 1, Shaeeda admits that Bilal is completely indifferent to her financial concerns, not even disclosing how much money he makes. After coming to the United States, she closed the business in her hometown. Shaeeda had to ask Bilal for everything until her business could function properly. However, Shaeeda's green card in December 2022 appears to change everything. Shaeeda reveals in her new Instagram post, "After a year and a half of hiatus, I'm finally back with my virtual flexibility yoga class." Shaeeda's Yoga Class For starters, every Wednesday at 7pm starting this month. central time. Live one-hour lessons for beginners to intermediate learners, or private one-on-one virtual sessions with Shaeeda. Additionally, all live classes will be recorded so Shaeeda students can watch and practice at their convenience.

What Shaeeda Offers In Her Yoga Classes For Money

Famed 90 Day Fiancé star Shaeeda calls her class a "virtual party". They include hip mobility, hip openers, hamstring stretches, backbends, shoulder openers, chest openers, and more. According to Shaeeda, these are complete packages to help people lose weight, "relieve depression, stress, and anxiety," and give results on their flexibility journey. "I teach you results!" is Shaeeda's promise to fans. On Shaeeda's website, she notes that her classes are "specifically designed" for those determined to improve their flexibility. "In addition to increasing your flexibility, these classes can help relieve back pain, build strength and balance, improve circulation and aid in weight loss," adds 90 Day Fiancé actor Shaeeda. She wants her students to have a yoga mat, a pair of socks, and a wall with optional yoga straps.

What Does Shaeeda Charge For Her Yoga Classes?

Shaeeda makes sure her students have fun Compare results in class by recording their progress with before and after photos. As of now, only those who register on Shaeeda's website can get her fee for each course. But given her expertise, Shaeeda may charge a premium but affordable price for her services. Maybe now Shaeeda will make her own money and it won't be controlled by Bilal who doesn't even trust her to have her own bank account.

Bilal hiding his bank details makes Yara wonder if Bilal has a secret girlfriend who will buy him plane tickets and Shaeeda doesn't even know about it. The Bilal and Shaeeda storyline has been labeled the "snooziest" by fans, and it has more red flags than any other newcomer in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. There are also rumors that Bilal has had a vasectomy done secretly and that's why he can't give Shaeeda a baby. This acknowledgment by Shaeeda may herald Bilal to have more skeletons in his wardrobe. At least for now, Shaeeda is turning into an independent woman, and if she realizes it, she might run away from marriage 90 Day Fiancé star Bilal is not the right man.

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