90 Day Fiancé: All the Clues Tim Still Loves Veronica

90 Day Fiancé fans want Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez to get back together. Now that Jamal is in the picture, does Tim have the same desire?

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans (and cast members) believe Tim Malcolm is still in love with Veronica Rodriguez and dreams of becoming her romantic partner again. Tim (from Charlotte, NC) and his Colombian girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona are probably one of the most talked about duos on 90 Day Fiancé: Before Season 3 of 90 Days. Jeniffer, 25, has a young daughter, Violeta, and Tim, 38 at the time, is co-parenting his ex-fiancee Veronica's daughter Chloe, who recently turned 16.

Tim and Veronica met when Chloe was only one and a half years old. Veronica ran into Tim in a bar after divorcing her ex-husband, Chloe's biological father. Mother and Tim have been together for almost seven years. The pair amazed Jennifer and TLC viewers by romantically drifting apart but remaining very close. Tim even gave Jennifer a promise ring, which is actually the same piece of jewelry he bought for Veronica. She's the one to give it back to him so Tim can give it to his new girlfriend. Jennifer and Tim broke up (as fans expected) and the pair became regulars as he had more chemistry with Veronica Pillow talk. Viewers keep urging them to re-date.

90 Day Fiancé Star Tim Has Not Moved On From Veronica

When 90 Day Fiancé "supporting actor" Veronica became one of the main stars of 90 Days: Single Life and dated Justin, Tim was at her house, embarrassing the couple. Justin wanted Veronica to distance herself from Tim, which she did. However, she went back to Tim after she found out that Justin was a playboy.

Meanwhile, Tim's jealousy of Jamal Menzies is evident when he is introduced as Veronica's love interest in 90 Days: Single Life Informant. It looks like Tim cares about Veronica and wants Jamal to make her a promise. In reality, however, Tim comes across as a one-sided lover who watches his people slip from him.

Debbie Johnson noted that 90 Day Fiancé star Tim was trying to show Veronica how he really felt by letting her know he was "crazily in love with her" while being afraid to say it outright. Tim and Veronica were together for almost 15 years, first as lovers and then as friends. now he is called a, the "sister with a penis" of a woman he once loved. Tim claims to have a girlfriend (a woman named Linda Ramirez), but he doesn't follow her on Instagram and she doesn't follow him. This has some fans questioning the validity of the relationship. What worries Tim more than Veronica starting a new relationship is that Veronica is hurt by Jamal's insouciance, because if Jamal backs out, he will be the one to pick up the pieces.

However, it's also possible that Tim and Veronica aren't as close as they seem in 90 Day Fiancé. Fans love watching their friendship in the spinoff, so they might play their "ex-turned-best friend" game on camera, when the truth is they're affectionate at best. It's likely that Veronica never told Tim about her budding relationship with Jamal, which is why he was so upset during Tell-All. Veronica and Tim, however, reportedly have a deal: If neither of them gets married before the age of 50, they'll tie the knot. Whether Veronica will be Mrs. Menzies in the future, or return to 90 Day Fiancé star Tim, remains to be seen. Hope she comes back.

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