15 Saddest Game of Thrones Quotes

There are so many quotes from Game of Thrones that will always touch the heart, which shows how well the show has been written over such a long time.

While Game of Thrones is known for killing off beloved characters as one of the top sources of grief for fans, there are many other ways the show can break hearts, including through character quotes. Many of these lines do appear in the death scenes, but many are charged with emotion due to fan input and the tragedy of the characters themselves.

Despite all the flaws of the postseason, the show is still beloved by its fans, and many quotes never fail to strike a chord, showing just how well the show has been written over such a long time.

Updated by Rhys McGinley on January 4, 2023: With the recent success of House of the Dragon and the ongoing development of the rumored Westeros-based project, now seems like a good time to be a fan of George R. R. Martin and revisit the world. Watch Game of Thrones. In doing so, fans get not only a grisly ending and some of the greatest TV shows of all time, but also a string of heartbreaking lines. The show is filled with sad quotes from beloved characters that reflect both their difficult journeys and their emotions A statement that brings the audience to tears, or just a line that pops up in a heartbreaking scene.

"Come With Me."

Arya Stark, "Stormborn"

Stark direwolves are one of the most tragic characters in Game of Thrones, either suffering undeservedly horrific deaths or (temporarily) parting ways with their masters. Nymeria falls into the latter category, and her emotional reunion with Arya is the highlight of season 7. In the early parts of the show, she shows typical emotion and childlike innocence. The fact that Nymeria recognized Arya but didn't go with her is so sad, but it's the kind of heartbreak Arya's grown accustomed to in season 7.

"Rains in Castamere" would go down as one of the greatest episodes ever due to the famous Red Wedding, an event so shocking and brutal that it remains In pop culture conversation. Perhaps the saddest moment was Robb's death followed by Caitlyn's A heart-wrenching word.


Robb Stark, "The Rains Of Castamere"

Caitlin's anguished monologue pleading for Robb's life comes first, then a doomed, broken Robb, who has just risen from his dead wife to utter the dejected, helpless word, but then Got stabbed. It's a shocking image that will stay in the minds of fans and bring tears to their eyes for years to come.

The death and resurrection of Jon Snow is one of the most famous saga in television history and two of the show's most iconic moments. While fans are delighted by this, it's clear from this disturbing line that Jon doesn't necessarily like being brought back.

"If I Fall, Don't Bring Me Back."

Jon Snow, "Battle of the Bastards"

Jon clearly feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, whether he was born for a higher purpose or not, he doesn't want to fight death twice. On top of that, the line really made fans nervous, not only at the prospect of Jon dying, but also Jon's pain in grief.

Arya Stark's transformation is one of the most wonderful and craziest journeys in Game of Thrones, as her whole life crumbles around her and she has to learn to live a life Isolate and ruthless. She has many sad scenes on the show, but considering how it reflects her changing view of the world, this is one of her most emotional.

"Nothing Isn't Better Or Worse Than Anything. Nothing Is Just Nothing."

Arya Stark, "Mockingbird"

When Arya accidentally meets a dying man while traveling with the Hound and tells him about it, the audience can't help but feel the emptiness of it all, the emptiness of a once vibrant young heart. To see her show so little emotional connection to this man's situation, the lack of empathy that means her person has changed so dramatically, is poignant, if not sad.

Sansa Stark's suffering throughout Game of Thrones has been a source of heartbreak for fans, even though she wasn't likable in the first season and the series even changed things in the books, Just to put her through more. That line sums up the loss she has endured so far, leaving a very depressing image for fans.

"I Lie Awake All Night, Staring At The Canopy, Thinking About How They Died."

Sansa Stark, "Two Swords"

As she tells Tyrion, the loss of her brother and mother is shocking. It's bad enough that fans have to live with images of their deaths, but Sansa, who once Having nothing but dreams of living the dreamy rich life in King's Landing and having to sleep at night imagining it all is disgusting. No one deserves what Sansa went through.

Many extravagant and epic deaths in Game of Thrones occur through battle or betrayal, but Maester Aemon's death was much quieter and more subtle, while still being emotionally charged.

"Egg! I Dreamed That I Was Old."

Aemon Targaryen, "The Gift"

His last words are those words that see him calling his late brother, affectionately known as Egg. Aemon was an important figure to Samwell and Jon during their time at the Wall, and someone to whom he imparted a lot of wisdom in that era. Seeing him go was difficult for fans and affected Samwell and Jon greatly.

Catelyn Stark is not the most likable Stark. To this day, she still draws a ton of criticism from fans for how she treated Jon, and this line is almost an admission that she deserved it.

"All This Horror That's Come To My Family... It's All Because I Couldn't Love A Motherless Child."

Catelyn Stark, "Dark Wings, Dark Words"

Talking to Robb's wife Caitlin, revealing her guilt. Not only is it sad that she can't take care of Jon or see him as Ned's fault because it shows how rough Jon is, but it's also sad because Ned has never had a relationship with another human being Ladies; Jon is not his son.

Many fans consider Theon Greyjoy to have one of the best arcs in Game of Thrones, and his death at the hands of the Night King at the Battle of Winterfell seems like a great moment of character redemption, because He died protecting Bran.

"Theon. You're A Good Man. Thank You."

Bran Stark, "The Long Night"

These words were spoken by Bran to Theon, just before accusing the Night King. This is the moment that Theon's heart longs to hear. Theon made a lot of mistakes, but he was aware of them and did his best to make up for all of them in order to pay off his debt to all the people he hurt including Bran, fulfilled by this sentence.

For all who watch, the heartbreaking and jaw-dropping nature of The Red Wedding has been well documented, full of heartbreaking quotes. In hindsight, Talisa's statement became so sad thanks to what happened.

"Don't You Want To Teach Little Ned Stark How To Ride Horses?"

Talisa Stark, "The Rains Of Castamere"

Both Talisa and Robb die tragically at the Red Wedding, as does their unborn son. It was a harrowing sight for fans and Caitlyn, who screamed in pain as a result. Robb is clearly ecstatic about the prospect of the future He could have had a son like Ed had him, but that never happened.

The trial of Tyrion Lannister is one of the best and most iconic trials in Game of Thrones, and Peter Dinklage's performance is legendary, perhaps in this iconic, It was at its best in a show that affected the outbreak of the people of King's Landing.

"I Wish I Was The Monster You Think I Am."

Tyrion Lannister, "The Laws Of God And Men"

Tyrion's life is full of people who think he's a monster, pervert, when he's not - in fact, he's probably the least evil of the adult Lannisters. Tyrion is far from perfect, he's still the best of the Lannisters, but he's often referred to as a monster, and he sits with him and gives tirade, seeing him tell the people of King's Landing that he wishes he could kill them all.

The romance between Ygritte and Jon Snow is arguably the best in the series. It ends in typically heartbreaking fashion, with Ygritte dying in Jon's arms, shot by the much-hated Ollie's arrow.

"Do You Remember That Cave? We Should Have Stayed In That Cave."

Ygritte, "The Watchers on the Wall"

This sentence is Ygritte's last, as she had her last exchange with Jon. That cave and the time she and Jon spent there were the happiest and safest of them all It used to be, especially Ygritte. All the heartbreak and pain afterwards didn't affect the two's love for each other, and even fans hoped that they could be as happy together as they were in that cave.

Due to the complexity of many Game of Thrones storylines, many quotes take multiple episodes and sometimes seasons to really hit the mark, including this quote from Ned to Jon in response to the latter asking about his mother.

"The Next Time We See Each Other, We'll Talk About Your Mother."

Ned Stark, "The Kingsroad"

Sean Bean does a great job here, because upon re-watching it, it's as if he knows that the R + L = J theory is actually true. Ned died of course, the two never met again, Jon only found out the truth years later, the two tragedies happened separately, young Jon Jon/Stark/Targaryen had to live with Ned's death and even The frustration of not knowing if his mother was still alive.

While many fans were disappointed by the end of his arc, over eight seasons Jaime Lannister proved to be one of the show's most complex and brilliant individuals characters, many point to this scene as evidence.

"By What Right Does The Wolf Judge The Lion? By What Right?!"

Jaime Lannister, "Kissed By Fire"

Jaime bathes with Brienne, revealing what happened to the Mad King and how he actually saved many lives. Jaime breaks down when it comes to Ned's assessment of him, talking about how he's seen as a traitor, scum, when he's actually doing the right thing. After viewers themselves have vilified Jaime for so long, it's sad to discover the truth. He's not perfect, and Jaime is still loved and hated by fans, but this scene showcases the tragedy of the character and how he's always far beyond what fans immediately judge him to be.

This quote comes from the death of young Shireen Baratheon, when Ser Davos found out what Melisandre and Stannis had done to the young princess and brutally murdered her Burned at the stake.

"I Loved That Girl. Like She Was My Own. She Was Good, She Was Kind, And You Killed Her!"

Ser Davos Seaworth, "The Winds Of Winter"

Davos breaks down when telling Melisandre and Jon how he cares and adores her. Fans couldn't help but recall Shireen's screams of pain during the Davos speech. He was heartbroken when he figured out what happened, especially since he'd be happy to take care of her after Stannis died.

Fans weren't ready to accept that Hodor's tragic backstory hit them so hard, but his sacrifice to save Bran ended up being one of the saddest scenes in Game of Thrones, and fans will Always remember his scream "hold on" to the door! ’ followed by ‘Hodor!

"Hold The Door!"

Hodor, "The Door"

Fans have always wondered what happened to Hodor, if anything. It ended up being one of the show's most genius stories, but it would have devastated fans. Seeing young Wylis screaming in pain, over and over Repeating lines over and over is one of the most harrowing images in the show.

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