10 Missed Opportunities for the Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights launched to mixed reviews, and Rocksteady clearly missed some opportunities to capitalize on in the future.

Gotham Knights received mixed reviews when it was released recently, but die-hard fans are enjoying traversing the fabled comic book city, protecting it from some of the worst criminals in the DC Universe. Rocksteady's title has a lot of potential, but also some missed opportunities that could be exploited further.

With spin-off TV shows in development, the Gotham Knights franchise is sure to last for a while. Changes can still be made to the game, whether it's the characters included, how the narrative is shaped, or even some gameplay opportunities, and those shifts can make a big difference.

Arkhamverse Crossover

When it was announced that Rocksteady would be making another Batman game, most assumed it would be part of the Arkhamverse. So, to everyone's surprise, Gotham Knights is completely separate despite using many of the same characters.

This allows for more creative freedom, but in the end the lack of continuity was probably reserved for the final act's twist, which wouldn't work if the Arkham Trilogy became canon. It seems like a real missed opportunity to ignore such a rich and well-loved universe.

No Batman

Gotham Knights Promise Fans believe this will be a title set in a famous city that doesn't include The Dark Knight himself. Focusing on the Bat-family rather than the caped crusader is a refreshing move that could further flesh out the broader franchise.

This should be the biggest difference between the Gotham Knights universe and the Arkham universe, however, Batman was actually included at the last minute. Sadly, the studio had to go back to Bruce again when it could have built something different.

A Bigger Roster

Gotham Knights' roster includes four of DC's greatest heroes: Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. But there are plenty of other obscure characters that could have been included that could have been fun to add to the roster and diversify the narrative.

Characters such as Huntress, Spoiler, The Question, and Red Robin, as well as Batwing and Batwoman, are perfect examples of characters that would be a perfect fit for this unit, and could add alternate play options as well as unique character interactions. Disappointed fans will be happy to know that their Easter eggs can be found in Gotham Knights.

Different Villains

Gotham Knights The universe has an opportunity to reinvent the traditional image of certain villains, or perhaps capitalize on characters that haven't always been in the spotlight, especially compared to past games based on the Dark Knight.

There is certainly a hopeful optimism there, based on the idea that the Court of Owls will be the main enemy of the production. However, from Batman and Freeze to Harley Quinn and the League of Assassins, most of the antagonists are unfortunately the same.

A New HQ

The Batcave is usually Gotham's main base of operations, although Bat-Family and Birds of Prey occasionally use the Clock Tower. When the Gotham Knights are looking for a new headquarters, they can go in any direction, even creating their own headquarters to fight villains.

Instead, the Clock Tower, a location most fans are very familiar with, was chosen. It's a shame, because a whole new location might help set the tone of the game and really emphasize that it's trying to do things differently. Alas, this is an opportunity to lose even more imagination.

Tie-In Comic

Well known as one of DC's finest comics It's actually based on a video game. The Injustice series is absolutely fantastic, helping to build upon the narrative already articulated from the gaming experience. Arkham comics did something similar, but with less success.

While the CW may have a TV show of the same name, there is no suitable companion comic that can capture the depth and scale of Injustice or Arkham. Considering their popularity and being integral to understanding the story in greater detail, this feels like a missed opportunity.

Nemesis System

Warner Bros. owns the rights to the Nemesis system previously used in the Middle-earth series. When a mob is able to defeat the player, their level goes up, and a hierarchy based on past experience helps Mordor feel like a place to live.

This system is perfect for Gotham Knights, where the Bat-family has to fight against various factions, all competing against each other and hoping to be the one to defeat these vigilantes. Using this app will take the Gotham Knights to the next level.

Court Of Owls Boss Battle

Court of Owls considered Be the main villain of the title and have incredible costumes that make them feel like they're a major threat. But looking at all the boss fights, there is no decisive moment to fight the leadership.

Which is a shame, because characters like Tyrone could have been a huge threat if they had been fully adapted to the screen. Final Boss goes in a very different direction, one that doesn't rely on the fear and violence that surrounds the cult.

Expanded Cult History

Cults and ideological organizations have existed within Gotham since its inception. They also feature prominently in Gotham Knights, the Court of Owls and the League of Assassins battling Batman's cop prodigy.

The game could have taken the opportunity to explore this shadowy world more deeply, and possibly take advantage of the true extent of corruption in every layer of Gotham. The plot doesn't take the next step because it would raise the stakes too high, leaving the clues hanging in the air.

Alternate Suit Designs

Gotham Knights has a range of gorgeous outfit designs, each Take inspiration from comics. Even though these sets are based on the source material, it would be great to see the team come up with something completely different and original.

None of the costumes in Gotham Knights are specifically attributed to the game. While games like Spider-Man PS4 included actual costumes that would forever be associated with that version, the look of Gotham Knights wasn't easy to pin down, making it a missed opportunity.

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