10 lingering Game of Thrones questions Jon Snow's spinoff could answer

Fans have been dying for some answers on Game of Thrones ever since author George R.R. Martin leaked the existence of a Jon Snow spin-off series.

Jon Snow's possible Game of Thrones spinoff has answered many of the series' unanswered questions. Season 8 of Game of Thrones left audiences dissatisfied, and even years later, they're still confused about how the series ended. This is especially true for Jon Snow's execution of Daenerys Targaryen and anticlimactic return to the Night's Watch. However, if Jon's journey to the Wall isn't the last viewers will see of him, then there's hope he gets the ending he deserves.

When the last viewers saw the central characters of Game of Thrones, they were adjusting to life after the Mad Queen. Bran Stark the Broken becomes the new king, with Tyrion Lannister as Hand. The Game of Thrones finale also saw Sansa Stark crowned Queen in the North while Arya embarked on an adventure. If there is a Snow spinoff, it will mostly follow Jon and his return beyond the Wall. Still, the Westeros and surrounding world series can answer several questions about Bran's reign, the knock-on effects of Daenerys' death, and the details of the central characters' lives.

What Is Bran Like As A Ruler?

The last man, anyone, expected to be king Game of Thrones ends with Brandon Stark, not least because the boy himself proclaims that he can never be master of anything. However, season 8 of Game of Thrones put the Broken Bran on the throne. It's widely believed that his intelligence as the Three-Eyed Raven qualifies him to run a kingdom, and the Game of Thrones spin-offs can attest to that.

While Jon may not have much to do with Bran's time as king in Game of Thrones, if he's outside the Wall, audiences always have the chance to see more of what happened in Westeros. At the very least, Jon can learn how his brother (or cousin) is doing as ruler. Plus, it'll be a chance to see if a council of eccentrics like Bronn (now Lord of Highgarden) and Tyrion Lannister will play any role in supporting the king.

Does Arya Ever Come Back?

Arya Stark never wanted to live the life of a lady, so a happy life with Gendry Baratheon was out of the question. She sets off to explore the blank corners of the map, hoping to discover adventure. After being away from her family for so long, she There's probably nothing wrong with staying away from them forever. However, it's nice to think she'll be back up north at some point.

There is a higher chance of seeing Arya from Game of Thrones again in the Jon Snow spinoff, since she and Jon are closest siblings. Plus, traveling north of the Wall still fits with her desire to explore. If she could visit the magical place from her childhood stories and see her beloved brother (cousin) again, she might decide the trip was worth it.

Why Does The Night's Watch Still Exist?

Jon Snow was sent to the Night's Watch as punishment for his crimes, like thousands of others throughout Westeros history. However, the purpose of the Night's Watch is to protect the southern kingdoms from the wildlings and White Walkers. Of course, Jon has eliminated both of these threats, so it's unclear if the Night's Watch is still necessary.

Jon was sent to the Night's Watch as a form after the final battle, so it's hard to say if King Bran would use this punishment again. Even if he did, the prisoners might find an abandoned castle since Jon took everyone north. finally, It could be that the order has changed its name or disbanded entirely, and the Jon Snow spinoff will have to reveal which.

What Happens To Casterly Rock?

After Tywin Lannister's death, Casterly Rock crumbles. Neither of his sons would accept it, and the fall of King's Landing in Season 8 of Game of Thrones meant the fall of Jaime Lannister. With his family gone, Tyrion might have considered returning to Casterly Rock, but he decided to serve as Hand of the King instead.

While few of Tywin's immediate relatives remain, the Lannisters and their complex origins and legacy have not been completely eradicated. The lordship may pass to a more distant family member. Or, it could be that King Bran bestowed the title on someone else entirely as a punishment for the Lannisters. However, this may not be wise, as it will only make any remaining family members enemies again. This may not be essential to Jon's post-Game of Thrones story, but an answer is still welcome.

Does It Matter That Jon Is A Targaryen?

A major twist in the plot of Game of Thrones is the revelation that Jon is Prince Rhaegar's legitimate son Targaryen, therefore, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. This sowed the seeds of discord between him and Daenerys, and fueled a vicious cycle for the Queen. Still, audiences are hoping Jon Snow's real name, Aegon Targaryen, represents more of the fate of Westeros.

North of the Wall, Jon's parentage means little, if any. So, the intrigue surrounding House Targaryen seems to have ended the moment Jon left the Night's Watch. However, with the prophecies of the A Song of Ice and Fire books still unanswered, there's always the possibility that Jon's follow-up story will reveal more about who he's destined to become, and whether or not he ever takes the Targaryen name.

What Happens To Drogon?

After Jon stabs Daenerys Targaryen through the heart, her body is taken by the dragon Drogon. During King Bran's first small council meeting, it is said that Drogon was last seen flying to Volantis. However, this leaves a lot of possibilities for Dragon, especially considering he has Dany's body.

There are still red priests who believe Daenerys Targaryen is the Prince promised in Game of Thrones, while others believe it is Jon. if it was jon snow The spin-off becomes a reality, and it's hard to imagine that Dragon won't play. So whether Drogon returns with a resurrected Daenerys, or reaches north of the Wall to be Jon's sidekick, answers are needed.

What Happened To Meereen After Daenerys' Death?

Before Daenerys attacks King's Landing in Game of Thrones, she liberates several cities on her journey north. Foremost among these was Meereen, where Dany cleared slavery before continuing her mission. She puts her former lover, Daario Naharis, in charge. However, no more news came from the city.

With the destruction of King's Landing, it is unlikely that Daario and his men will be able to maintain peace for long in the city that Daenerys conquered. Slave masters are afraid of Daenerys and her dragons. Without them, there's little stopping them from taking back what they thought was theirs. Still, it's possible that Daario will maintain control and decide to avenge the queen who murdered him.

Is Sam Allowed To Marry Gilly As Maester?

Samwell Tarly is a likable character and one of the few characters with a happy ending. When Bran the Breaker became king, he made Sam his High Maester. Although it is difficult for him to be qualified for this position, his digging ability This information might be helpful, as it seems to contribute to Bran's hallucinations.

King Bran also doesn't seem to mind that Sam has a lover, Gilly. This is prohibited by Bachelor's Order. However, traditional rules no longer matter under the new regime. Sam knew Jon's Targaryen secrets before Jon did, and they were very good friends. It makes sense that audiences would learn more about how Sam's new position works and whether he'll be allowed to make Gilly his official wife.

What Happened To Nymeria?

Despite the significance of the direwolves to House Stark, they do not appear to be around for long. The Lannisters murdered several people (both directly and indirectly), and by the end of Game of Thrones season 8, only the Wraith and Nymeria remained. The Ghost accompanies Jon across the Wall, so he has to be in the Snowflake spinoff. However, Nymeria's location remains a mystery.

Arya briefly encounters Nymeria on her return to the North, but her direwolves run away with her new pack, seemingly uninterested in reuniting with her former companions. Still, with the Night King on the way, this wolf might just want flee north. With the threat gone, Nymeria will likely return home, perhaps reunited with Jon, the Wraith, or even Arya (if she's heading north, too).

Does Jon Have More To Do For The Lord Of Light?

In Game of Thrones, people are only resurrected for a purpose, and Jon Snow is no exception. The Lord of Light has a plan for the Stark/Targaryen family, and that's where his character gets the audience's interest. However, by the end of the series, it seemed the reason was to kill Daenerys, which didn't feel very satisfying.

The spin-off series about Jon Snow hints that there is more to his story. This may have something to do with the Lord of Light religion and "Promised Prince" prophecy in Game of Thrones. It could be a whole new story, throwing the concepts of the previous series behind. Only time will tell, but Game of Thrones fans are still hoping for some clarity on Jon's fate, with the gods or something involved.

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