10 hilarious memes that wrap up the Harley Quinn animated series

With Harley Quinn: A Very Questionable Valentine's Day Special on the horizon, these memes are perfect for getting fans ready for the hilarity to come.

Harley Quinn fans have never been happier and the show has been renewed for another season when HBO Max confirms a Valentine's Day special coming in February 2023. Harley Quinn: A Problematic Valentine's Day Special will tell how Harley Quinn and Ivy spend the holiday together, along with other characters from the show.

One thing's for sure, this special is destined to be filled with both heartfelt moments and pure mayhem, interspersed with straightforward character descriptions that bring joy to each character's unique traits. As all of this happens, more memes will inevitably be generated, and hopefully, Bane will get some redemption for being ignored by everyone all the time. At the same time, though, fans are sure to be put off by these memes that perfectly sum up the series.

10/10 How Much Does Batman Loves Bats?

The "Batman having sex with a bat" joke, which has been featured in every season so far, is still widespread and fans hope it will carry over to the next season of the show. Statements like "Oh, this is where you fuck the bat" have become the favorite inside joke of most fans.

Although The Dark Knight himself says he did not, that Regardless, it wasn't enough to make his enemies and even some of his allies make fun of him. The claims only get more interesting when Commissioner Gordon keeps denying the allegations, frantically replying, "He didn't do that!" every time anyone within earshot repeats the concept.

9/10 Ivy Watching Harley Return To Joker

Comparing the Harley Quinn show to Gossip Girl only makes sense in the context of this meme, since Ivy tried her best to convince Harley Quinn to leave the Joker, but she kept coming back to him. Having one of the funniest friendships in DC Comics, it's only natural that someone would make a meme about it.

That is, until Harley found her worth in season 1, thankfully she stopped being the psychotic clown and finally focused on herself. Now, as each season progresses, viewers can clearly see that Halle is becoming her true self. While it's certainly not easy, the acrobat proved she does have what it takes to escape the Joker's manipulative toxicity.

8/10 The Real Bane

The Harley Quinn Show version of Bane is considered one of his best performances to date, making audiences feel bad for the hunk. Although Bane is generally seen as a very serious villain Outside of the animated series, he's already become a lovable goofball, and has been the butt of quite a few jokes in this portrayal, especially considering his hysterical imitation of Tom Hardy Bane's voice.

There's no question why he remains a fan favorite, as Bane is arguably the healthiest character on the show. He swore revenge after Ivy didn't return the noodle machine, which he gave to her and Kiteman for calling off their wedding, which was one of the only reasons he was mad throughout season 2.

7/10 Joker’s “Normal” Phase"

In the season 2 finale, in the episode "The Last Joke", the Joker falls into the acid bucket that Harry intended to jump into. Everyone thought he was dead when the building collapsed, but he wouldn't be gone for long.

Harley eventually meets the Joker while bartending somewhere, only he doesn't know who she is, looks like a normal person instead of a crazy clown, and his skin and hair return to their natural color. The Joker being "normalized" by acid is ridiculous and funny, but it's a success for him and Gotham.

6/10 Harley Quinn Show Haters


Anyone who has seen a Harley Quinn episode knows it's far from dark and gritty, but some die-hard DC fans hate the animated series, claiming it's far from the DC stuff they love .

While that's not to say the show doesn't contain morbid humor and plenty of adult themes, it's not as depressing as many other DC productions. By contrast, admirers of all types of Batman Extended Universe content see Harley Quinn as a hilarious break from all the brooding and desperation of the usual themes.

5/10 Chronically Unpredictable Harley


Not even Harley herself could have guessed how she would end up in this cartoon, and now she turns to work as a Bat-family hero while Batman goes to jail for tax evasion.

It was a wild ride, full of unexpected twists and character development, but Harley got the better of it. From being the clown's abused henchman to slowly becoming a force for good, Harley proves her spontaneity, as well as her willingness to look inward and reflect.

4/10 Clayface’s Dramatic Speeches

All fans agree, this show just wouldn't be the same without Clayface's performance Overblown lines and musical solos, especially the one at the end of season 2, where he serenades Tim Burton as Ivy's wedding venue descends into chaos.

Having said that, if Clayface sent out a good morning post, it would look as dramatic and silly as the one above. Of course, this could be an example of him playing his alter ego Stephanie in order to get information about Riddle University after the fall of Gotham.

3/10 Socialist Joker

One of the show's funniest subversions of Batman tropes is when the Joker becomes nice after briefly becoming "normal" and finding a family in his girlfriend and her child.

Even when he remembered who he was, the Joker stayed with his new family and started fighting for Gotham's good. He even becomes mayor in season 3, rightly voted in by the people after promising to fix big issues about schools and taxes, and says "I'm a socialist" when asked on national television.

2/10 The Queen Hath Returned


In the first few seasons of Harley Quinn, fans weren't sure if they'd see the stories they loved Continue to the next season. With HBO canceling a ton of shows at once, the future remains unclear.

Fortunately, HBO Max has no plans to stop Halle and her newfound heroism anytime soon. Now that season 3 of Harley Quinn has been voted by CONSEQUENCE as one of the top 16 shows of 2022, fans feel safer about receiving more seasons filled with creative plot points and exceptional humor.

1/10 Don’t Raise The Dead, Batman

At the start of the show, Batman is basically the same version he's always been, save for a few goofy moments. Over time, however, Bruce's deep trauma of his parents' murder began to take hold on the hero in black.

At the end of season 3, Batman begins to break down, and his childish desire to bring his parents back to life and blame himself for their deaths leads him to resurrect them, along with all of Gotham. When Harley entered Batman's mind with the psychiatrist and ended up trapped there, it was revealed that Wayne was constantly replaying the murder of his parents in his mind. This proves that he has lost the right Reality and accidentally reveals to Harry that he is Batman.

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