Young Sheldon Season 6 Winter Premiere Trailer Makes Missy Cooper's Best Sibling

Ahead of the return, CBS released the trailer for Young Sheldon's season 6 winter premiere, highlighting why Missy really is Cooper's best sibling.

Missy is Cooper's best sibling in the new Young Sheldon season 6 winter premiere trailer, in which Sheldon discusses his attempt to drop out of college. The only daughter of George and Mary has proven time and time again that she is not only loyal, but extremely dependable. Despite her past mistakes, the Coopers relied heavily on her during the chaos of Young Sheldon season 5, as each dealt with their own issues based on news of Georgie's unwanted pregnancy. Young Sheldon season 6 only featured an occasional Missy, but she still managed to steal the spotlight, highlighting just how good of a character she is.

That's exactly what happens in the new Young Sheldon season 6 winter premiere trailer (via TV promo). After winter break, The Big Bang Theory prequel is gearing up for the rest of the show. Young Sheldon returns with a new episode titled "College Dropout and the Medford Miracle" on Jan. 5. In a sneak peek, all three of Cooper's siblings discuss Sheldon's wanting to drop out of school with Mary, with Missy making snappy comments about how this effectively makes her the best of them all. look at Video below: ^Missy barely made an appearance on The Big Bang Theory, but she made her mark immediately - something Sheldon Jr. benefited from, given her popularity in the prequels. Sadly, the family comedy fails to capitalize on this, constantly relegating her to a supporting role. While each member of the Cooper family has their own storyline, Missy does not. Instead, she is included in these narratives as a secondary character. That's exactly what happened at the end of Young Sheldon season 5, and season 6 has been repeating the mistake.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Continues To Waste Missy's Potential

To make matters worse, it wasn't hard to give Missy her own arc. In fact, little Sheldon's best stories take place off-screen, revolving around her adventures at Medford High. Since Sheldon started college at East Texas Tech, he has had little time to focus on his sister's high school years.

As the pressure on Sheldon's database grants mounts, and as the prequels approach the timeline of The Big Bang Theory, expect season 6 of Sheldon Jr. to continue exploring his options for the future. it also means family comedy Getting closer and closer to George's inevitable cheating scandal and death. While that probably won't happen this season, CBS definitely needs to lay the groundwork for these two tragedies, as they will change the overall dynamic for Young Sheldon.

What To Expect From The Rest Of Young Sheldon Season 6

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