Young Sheldon makes it more heartbreaking with Big Bang Theory finale tribute

The Big Bang Theory finale tribute was all the more heartbreaking with Sheldon's take on his future in the "Young Sheldon" season 6 fall finale.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6.

^ Little Sheldon season 6 fall farewell makes The Big Bang Theory finale tribute even more heartbreaking. In addition to revealing new information about his life with his family in Texas, Sheldon Jr. also reveals childhood experiences that helped shape his adult worldview. This includes his difficulty forming social connections, as seen when no one showed up at the Nobel Prize listening party in the Young Sheldon season 2 finale. It was already painful to see Sheldon crying alone in George's garage, and somehow CBS made it worse.

Sheldon's arc in Young Sheldon season 6 included creating a grants database, but the process became more complicated than it should be when some folks at East Texas Tech tried to profit from his project . The whole ordeal is probably the reason Sheldon is worse in TBBT than in its prequels, as the boy genius learns to take care of himself. Beyond that, however, the experience also reveals how he sees his future, fully aware of his preferences and underdeveloped social skills, reminiscent of Young Sheldon's Big Bang Theory finale tribute.

in In 2019, The Big Bang Theory wrapped its 12-season run and Sheldon achieved his lifelong dream of winning a Nobel Prize. It's certainly the best farewell to the character, and to draw parallels with it, young Sheldon showed him decades ago that he was very lonely at home because no one showed up to his Nobel listening parties. The experience may have made him skeptical about his future, thinking he would be alone for the rest of his life. As he revealed in the "Little Sheldon" season 6 fall finale, he doesn't see himself getting married or having kids.

Young Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Finale Tribute Showed His Vulnerable Side

Sheldon and Amy marked the Cooper family's final appearance on The Big Bang Theory. Even though the nerd-centric sitcom had arguably Sheldon's biggest moment in the finale, it's a shame that CBS chose not to bring Mary, Missy, and George back. That being said, it also makes sense in terms of storytelling. Sheldon is living out his dream with the Pasadena gang, emphasizing that they have essentially become his family. They had tolerated, guided and cared for him for years. Considering that young Sheldon believes he will always be Alone, it was nothing short of a miracle for him to meet his California friends.

Young Sheldon Shows How Important His TBBT Friends Really Are To Him

This effectively explains why Coopers does not appear in the TBBT ending. While the nerd-centric sitcom is emotionally satisfying, not seeing Sheldon's family is a big mystery, especially since it's been previously established that he's on good terms with them despite years of animosity with George. Relationship - this is built on young Sheldon. In short, The Big Bang Theory's finale didn't need to be about the Coopers, it was about the Pasadena gang, which is why the capped episodes played out the way they did.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon airs every Thursday on CBS.

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