You Season 4 poster shows Joe Goldberg in a different London disguise

The season 4 poster shows Joe Goldberg in different disguises in London, with the character seeing his reflection in a phone booth window.

A fourth season poster of "You" has arrived, showing Joe Goldberg in different looks in London. Based on the novel by Caroline Kempness, the psychological thriller premiered on Lifetime in 2018 and moved to Netflix a year later. Joe (Penn Bagley), a self-confessed serial killer in season 1, occasionally tries to escape his past by moving and changing identities as his various romantic interests turn into obsessions. The streaming platform announced the renewal of "You" ahead of its third season in 2021, to critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Fans saw the end of Joe and Love's (Victoria Pedretti) tumultuous relationship for the last time, and found Badgley's character arriving in Europe to pursue another hobby.

Now, as viewers look forward to seeing Joe's upcoming exploits in London, a new poster shared to You's official Instagram account is teasing the character's season 4 disguise. Joe, wearing his familiar hat, watches himself in the phone booth window, where his new identity is reflected. Check out the You season 4 poster below:

What To Expect From You Season 4

In the events of the You season 3 finale, fans saw Joe kill Love with A deadly poison, leaving their son to Dante (Ben Mehl). After feigning death and making Love look self-inflicted, Jo wrote a confession on her computer, marrying everything to his wife. He ends up in Paris, hell-bent on finding Marianne (Tati Gabrielle), who runs away when Love tells her about his obsession and what happened to Ryan (Scott Michael Foster). From there, you see Joe in the season 4 trailer taking on the role of the professor, using the name Jonathan Moore, and talking about what viewers can expect from the new episode.

Your fourth season premiered in two parts, on February 9 and March 9. Badgley and Gabrielle will reprise their roles as Joe and Marienne, respectively, and will be joined by new faces who also appear in this season's trailer. Amy Lichkman, Charlotte Ridge, Tilly Keeper, Lucas Gage, Ed Spillers, Linnesh, Aidan Cheng and Ozzio Mavinu have joined the show's cast line-up. The details of their characters and how they'll interact with Joe remain to be seen, but you fans have gotten a glimpse at another of Joe's potential love interests, as well as his interest in the classroom.

For three seasons, you've managed to keep viewers engaged by introducing new characters and setting up more difficult obstacles for Joe, and fans are hoping the series' jump to Europe will continue that trend. While there may be some uncertainty about the show's future after season 4, its two-part release should get audiences excited about new storylines. It will be interesting to see how the events of this season unravel, and whether changes in circumstances or Joe's role as a professor influence any of his decisions. Those looking forward to Bagley's return as Joe can make sure to check out season 4 when it premieres on Netflix on February 9.

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