Wolverine's Darkest Timeline Proves He Desperately Needs Cyclops

Wolverine and Cyclops are polar opposite forces in the X-Men team, but Logan would be worse off without Scott.

Perhaps there is no greater rivalry than the rivalry that exists between Cyclops and Wolverine in the X-Men. The two have turned against each other almost from the start, but a look at another world proves just how much Logan actually needs Scott Summers.

From the moment Wolverine is recruited into the team, the back and forth between the Blaster Beam X-Men leader and Sharp Claw Knuckles begins. The original members of Professor X's team of mutant heroes are taken hostage on the survival island of Krakoa, and Cyclops is the only member to escape. In response, Xavier and Scott recruited a new team of mutants, including Wolverine - Canada's angriest and least likable superhero. A natural loner, Logan had difficulty learning to work with the other X-Men, and was especially skeptical of taking orders from the younger, more prim Cyclops. The two were at odds from time to time, but their differences really intensified when Jean Gray returned, and their rivalry turned from professional to romantic.

However, in Howard Mackie and Tom Raney's Mutant X #3, Scott's brother Alex finds himself in the dimension where Cyclops was killed as a child, changing How Marvel's timeline plays out. In this new world exists a group of feral mutants known as The Pack whose leader, Weapon X aka James "Logan" Howlett, has broken their minds. There doesn't seem to be an X-Men leader there to help challenge and push him beyond a man governed by instinct, which is who Wolverine ends up becoming.

Cyclops and Wolverine Challenge Each Other to Be Better

It is unclear exactly how Scott Summers' untimely death led to the savage return of Wolverine, who was so bestial that he could barely speak. Logan still wears the ripped pants of his old costume, suggesting his path followed that of his main continuity antagonist, at least for a while. However, unlike Wolverine, this savage version continued to be experimented with by the Weapon X program until he lost all remaining humanity. Still, this alternate timeline does prove that both Wolverine and Cyclops are better off because of their relationship.

Not only do they support each other as teammates, but they also test each other, forcing each to defend their instincts and actions. Everyone needs the other as a foil to measure themselves, which often becomes If it's just to prove the other party wrong, that's even better. Scott's leadership provided Logan with direction and purpose, while Wolverine's heart and enthusiasm gave Cyclops the opportunity to become a cause fanatic. Through their constant sparring, each is forced not only to question the other's instincts, but to justify and improve upon their own plan of action. It's a mutually beneficial rivalry that can eliminate the advantages of both mutants while increasing the efficiency of the entire team.

The X-Men are mighty fighters, heroes and the antithesis of eternity. Logan is a ruthless killer and a loner with a bad temper, while Scott is a disciplined teacher's pet with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Their constant rivalry over the years has defined the dynamics of Professor X's dream and is one of the reasons for its success. Everyone grew up, with Wolverine becoming more of the leader of the X-Men, and Cyclops learning to take more risks and trust his instincts, neither of which personal growth would have been possible without the other.

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