Why Little People, Big World Fans Say Audrey Can't Homeschool Her Kids

Audrey Roloff is considering homeschooling her and Jeremy's children. However, fans of Little People Big World don't think she has what it takes.

Little People, Big World fans are in disbelief that Audrey Roloff is capable of homeschooling her kids. The social media influencer and mother of three has had her family in the public eye since their days on the "Little People, Big World" reality show. Her husband, Jeremy Roloff, and his family are the main cast members of the show. After the couple got married, they decided to leave the show for privacy, but still regularly update their followers. They recently moved to their own farm in Oregon, not far from Roloff's farm.

Redditor SerenaJWilliams shared the photo from Audrey's Instagram Story. In this particular story, a follower asks Audrey and Jeremy if they've decided whether or not their kids will be homeschooled. Audrey's response was, "Still not sure... also depends on some of the things that the current election going on in Oregon might affect and how that will affect education." All are various or wrong. Instead of "affected," Audrey wrote, "affected." Fans understand that anyone can make mistakes, but talking about the possibility of homeschooling kids probably isn't The easiest place to make a syntax error is


LPBW Fans Don't Think Audrey Can Give Attention Needed For Homeschooling

The prevailing opinion on this issue remains that homeschooling is not the best for children. Given their already packed to-do lists, it wouldn't do any good to add homeschooling to it. Several homeschooling parents shared that it was quite a job, and Audrey and her social media presence, lifestyle couldn't cut it. Some fans pointed out that homeschooling requires a lot of focus on the kids, not herself. They felt that Audrey, with the way she sought attention, could not sacrifice this time to properly homeschool her children.

Audrey's implied statement was not fooled by Little People, Big World fans. Redditor SerenaJWilliams said in the caption of the image that Audrey would choose to homeschool unless "some right winger who is against equality and inclusion gets elected to the school board." Comments are jumping to conclusions without any evidence, but fans Still seems angry about it. Some say she may have such extreme views because of her religious beliefs. According to some Redditors, the trend seems to be causing some problems in schools. LPBW fans think Audrey will likely choose not to Go to school, but still not doing well.

While fans of Little People Big World don't think Audrey is suitable for homeschooling, the decision still rests with her and Jeremy. Fans of the show strongly disagree with the idea of ​​Audrey and Jeremy homeschooling their kids. Hopefully, whatever decision they make, it turns out to be what's best for the kids.

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